I accidently got her quick and it won't stop bleeding,

I've been using corn starch.. It appeared to have formed some kind of blood bubble around the nail? I don't know exactly I didn't mess with it.
Super glue?? How?
Styptic pencil or powder, quick stop are ideal. But any powdered substance plus direct pressure. It will stop. Don't keep stopping pressure to look at it, you disrupt the clot. Just keep pressure on for several minutes. Then keep the chicken quiet for a while, in the dark or in a cage so it doesn't scratch around. It will be fine.
you just have the tube ready, blot the blood, then drop a drop on the quick opening in the nail. It's basically the same as surgical glue and works great. I've used it many times when flour or corn starch wouldn't work. You just have to be careful not to glue yourself to the chicken
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I'm a pet groomer and when cutting nails it always smart to have some quick stop on hand, It's medicated. They probably sell it at any pet supply store
Thanks all... But I broke the blood bubble, cuz I assumed it was drying up but I was wrong

It started bleeding again. It's getting dark so I put her in the coop with her buddies.. I wonder how long it will keep bleeding for. I mean, it has to stop sometime right?

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