I am flaming furious at ex-employer!

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Camelot Farms, Sep 1, 2009.

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    I gave a 30 day notice in June with my last day being July 10th.

    Did all of the appropriate paperwork, returned all of my employers property (laptop etc), turned in keys, left detailed instructions on current projects etc.

    They owed me my accrued leave time of about 1000.00.

    Well, the program director who oversees my former position has yet to do the appropriate paperwork to get my leave time released.


    And, I have spent countless hours with the person that came in to my position, helping her with anything that she has needed since taking over. So, I have gone above and beyond in this situation.

    I just left a message with the CEO of the agency after the agency HR person and the program HR person were unable to get the director to take notice and sign the freakin' paper.


  2. horsejody

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    Feb 11, 2008
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    It's time to become the squeaky wheel!! Send them a polite letter vias certified mail requesting immediate action. They may assume that you are creating a paper trail for legal action and get off their duffs.
  3. Holly O

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    May 1, 2009
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    I thought they only had two weeks by law to pay you? ..hmmm maybe that's only in Canada. I hope it all gets straitened out Quickly for you!
  4. PeepsInc

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    I had my hours cut back from 40 to 20 hours a week . I had about 240 hours of leave time saved up. I planned on taking 12 weeks off payed. Because they cut my hours, they tried telling me I was loosing half my time earned as well (already earned during 3 years of service). I laughed at them and called a lawyer. It took 3 months, but I got payed!

  5. Camelot Farms

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    They do only have 2 weeks Grrrr!

    Can you guess that one of the reasons that I had to leave was lack of follow through? I could never get my tasks accomplished in a timely manner because she would never respond to my questions or needs and then I would get chastized by others for not being finished.

    This may sound silly, but it went on for so long and so consistently, that I had a nervous breakdown, which is what led to giving notice. My doc said leave or end up in the hospital.

    On that note, I dont know why I am surprised that this is happening. I guess that I am just infuriated that she can do this and there doesnt seem to be any resolution.

    My message to the CEO was very professional and non-threatening. I started out by appologizing for having to bring this to him however I could not seem to get any resolution. Poor guy is going through chemo for Lymphoma and he runs a multi-million dollar Not-For-Profit CAP agency and he has to be bothered with this....oy!
  6. ranchhand

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    Aug 25, 2008
    A polite, non-threatening letter requesting immediate action since it has been X number of weeks, and make sure you copy all documentation and write down all phone calls.

    Good luck!
  7. ksacres

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    Send a certified letter.

  8. debilorrah

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    Quote:I am going to make you aware of something. They owe you accrued VACATION, not sick, and every day after 72 hours past your last day, they owe you $100 penalty. From July 10th to now is a lot of money. I would make them aware of that. It may speed things up for ya!
  9. cassie

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    Mar 19, 2009
    I once knew a woman that had trouble getting an employer to cut a check she was due and legally entitled to. They kept dragging their feet and offering one excuse after another. One morning she called them and told them politely what time she would be there to pick up her check. She came and of course the check wasn't ready. She told them that was fine and that she would wait and she settled herself down in a chair in the waiting room with a magazine. I didn't tell you she had three noisy restless and very active toddlers in tow. It wasn't long before her check arrived. They couldn't get her out of there fast enough.

  10. Camelot Farms

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    Cassie...I dont think that would work....my ex-employer was a Preschool program... [​IMG] They wouldnt even notice the kids [​IMG]

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