Solved I am "Just Hatched"

Not really a big deal, but it says I am just hatched under my profile pic. Oh, to be young again!
Also notice many others with terribly high post counts are also just hatched.

Firefox is telling me this is an unsecured site, too.

Nifty is working on that... anyone without a custom title says just hatched or new egg...

You can find out all the deets if you read the Welcome thread... :)
Thank you, Mr. Nifty, for all the hard work you and all the staff have put in to keep this site appealing and user friendly, especially for someone like me, who is technologically disinclined (a dinosaur!). This is the only social media outlet I use and am glad to find that what attracted me to BYC persists. :)
Mmmmm... :rolleyes: My iPad does not seem fussed that it's not secure.... not sure that's a good thing for Internet browsing ...
If you are using Safari, then I'd say its fine. I don't have any such reports on Safari on the desktop. Anyway, we know that this site is fine - no issues IMO.
New Egg!!! :celebrate

Actually, correction: I AM young. :rolleyes:

I am finding the lack of correct titles to be giving me a much-needed laugh. :lau
Ooh, what if Nifty actually KEEPS these brand-new titles... :yesss: :gig

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