I caught my fox! UPDATED.. now with the VIDEO!


11 Years
Oct 4, 2008
SW New Hampshire
They said it was near-impossible to catch a red fox in a havahart trap, but I DID IT!
I've been watching this guy for weeks on my trail cam, after it has taken over 3/4 of my flock this spring.
I have videos of it walking around the trap and looking at it for days. This fox is WILEY. But today I GOT IT! Using the advice of a local old-timer, this is how I did it:
I lined the trap up with a small (guinea pig sized) cage, and baited it using a couple of month- old chicks. Then covered the whole thing with a tarp. So the fox had to go through the trap to try to get to the chicks (who were NOT in any danger at all, since they were in a separate cage.)
Here's the set-up:

And here is what it looked like:

I am so darn happy about this!!!!
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