I cracked the wrong egg...HELP!!!

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    So, today was day 21 on my incubation cycle. I had one that pipped and have been waiting for the rest. Well, i went ahead and candled the eggs to see if i had any internal pips and i had one that was completely clear, and one that had a blood ring. I decided to take those two out and throw them away to give the ones that were still alive more room. As i was thinking, i had no positive way to tell that the blood ring chick was actually dead, so i put it back in the incubator and went to crack the clear one and throw it down the garbage disposal. When i cracked it open, I realized that i had actually put the clear one back in the incubator!!! Turns out, the blood ring chick was alive, and there was a lot of blood. It's still alive and i have it wrapped in a warm towel and back in the incubator. Does anyone think that this chick could survive? I mean, by the way it looks, it still had a couple of days left before it would even try to pip. If i keep it in the towel do you think it might have a chance???

    i posted this in emergencies, but i thought i would try here too. I feel so terrible!!
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    You are in lockdown.. keep your hands outta there..candling should been done 3 days ago.
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    If there was a lot of blood there's a good chance of bleeding out because the vascular system was still fully functioning between chick and egg. I t would be very unlikely if it survived, but miracles do happen.

    If it's day 21 and you think they still had a couple days that would point to the temps being lower than required, so I would check out any and all thermometers that you are using.

    If there was a true blood ring started then chances are it's was shutting down and was dying.

    I candle at day 7 and mark my eggs (I actually candle most hatches everyday....lol) but the important ones are day 7/14/18. Day 7 I move any clears to one spot in the bator and on day 10 I double check them and toss them. After day 10 anything that is not 100% for certain obvious quitter stays in until the end unless it stinks or leaks. That way I don't take the chance that I am killing one. I did that my first hatch- opened one I thought was a quitter that wasn't somewhere around day 12. I try to make sure it doesn't happen again.

    Feel free to join us on the hands on and help thread. You'll find a lot of helpful people that are not hands off and will help w/o criticism.

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