I DO NOT understand some people!!!!!!


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Dec 26, 2010
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Ok, So I have been looking for a nice trail horse for myself.

I went out and looked at a nice little 5 year old mare this past week. After asking some more questions and going to test her out. I emailed the gal back and said I wanted to make an offer.

My offer was:

I would like to put $200 down on her until I can schedule a pre-buy inspection this weekend. If the pre-buy goes well I will pick her up on the 15th, and give you the remainder of the cash that day. However, if something comes back in the pre-buy, I would get my $200 back.

She called and we talked for a while, and she said don't worry about the money yet. Just wait until the pre-buy this weekend. I said ARE YOU SURE? Because I do not want her sold out from under me. She said no its, fine. I will hold her.


I get an email today saying she has someone coming out to look at her!!!! I was like WHAT!!!!!!!!!

I emailed back, and said..... I thought we had an agreement, that I was going to buy her if the inspection went well. I am confused as to why you are still showing her.

I told her I would have brough the money down THAT DAY for her to hold her for me until the pre-buy.

How can some people be so rude! Either accept the offer, and cash when its presented, and we will write something up stating the terms of the sale. Or dont. But dont tell me one thing and then do the opposite!
I got along so well with this mare, and I am so upset about this!

I will just be crushed if she gets sold. But at the same time, I'm not sure I wanna do business with them anymore.....

Here is a pic of me on her....

The only thing I have is an email. But still, do i wanna deal with them anymore?

I just need the pre-buy done. And I will not purchase her without one.
I'm not sure you understand the concept of putting money down on something. If you put money down for someone to hold something for you don't get to change your mind and then get your down payment back. I don't blame them for not accepting your "conditional" down payment. Sorry, but that's just the way I see it.

Missed the part about them saying they would hold it. Yea if they said they would hold it they should have keep thier word but maybe they didn't think you were really serious since you wanted an out with your down paypment offer.
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I'm betting she's hoping she can get a better offer and that's why she wouldn't take the deposit. That way if someone else comes out to look she can tell them someone else is interested and hope they offer her more money. A crappy thing to do.
Maybe she just wants to keep her options open for if you decide not to proceed with the purchase? If she has someone else "in the wings" who is interested, she can let them know if you decide not to buy. Keep in mind, she didn't have to tell you she has someone else coming to look - you wouldn't have been any the wiser if she hadn't said a thing. So the fact she let you know seems to indicate she's a pretty honest sort of person.
Actually, I do understand that concept. However, if we are writing up something to state TERMS OF SALE, and that is included and signed by both parties, there is nothing wrong with it as long as both sides agree to what is stated in that particular sale.
No, that's not so.

A general business example: I'm gonna go to X-Mart and put a TV on lay-away. I have to put 10% down, plus a $5 lay-away fee that X-Mart charges. Fair enough. So I buy a TV that comes out to $500 even. (this is just hypothetical LOL). I put down the $5 lay-away fee and $50 down payment--which I give to X-mart to "hold" my merchandise for me until I pay it off, usually within 90 days. So a month into this, I've made two $50 payments plus the $5 lay-away payment, plus the $50 down (10%) to hold it, so I've given them $155 for my lay-away. At that point, I find the same TV on sale elsewhere at YZ-Mart for $100 cheaper, so I'm going to take my TV off lay-away at X-Mart. X-Mart keeps the $5 lay-away fee but I cancel my lay-away and get back my down payment.

If you go to Toyota and buy a car and put $2500 down, and within their 5-day return period or whatever you decide to bring back the car, they don't keep your $2500.

That's how putting money down on something works. If the other party does not give it back to you, you can take them to court for it and get it back.

ETA: In other words, if someone wants to buy something from you and gives you $200 to hold it for them, then they change their mind, you don't get to keep their $200. That's stealing.
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She told me she wanted to talk to me and get to know me a bit, because she wanted her horse to go to a good home. She told me she turned down an offer before because she didnt like the people. But said her daughters really liked me and she wanted to talk to me more.

So i spent an hour on the phone with her, and thats when she says.... dont worry about putting the money down until you do the pre-buy.

I have been having dreams about this horse and think its a really good fit for me.

And I understand that she didnt have to tell me other people were coming out. But regardless if she said something or not. She DID state to me that she would hold her until my pre-buy appointment on sunday.

Ugh..... im just upset. Sorry.
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