I got my Turkeys today!


8 Years
Jan 30, 2011
Two Harbors, MN
I just picked up my Bourbon Red Tom and two mixed breed hens. One hen is rather dark with barred wings and iridescent feathers on her tail and back and the other is mostly dark with red patches on her wings and body. I am hoping that some of the poults will turn out more like the Bourbon Red. The hens came from moms that hatched their own eggs and may even be daughters of the tom I got or possibly the other BR tom the fellow had. I think the chances are pretty good that they could turn out some reds, but I would cherish a website on turkey genetics if anyone has a link. This is my first time to owning turkeys and I already like them bunches. I was going to wait to order some poults but I found these guys on craigslist and I needed the instant gratification factor. I can't wait for the hens to lay the first eggs. They are really sweet birds! I am very impressed by their dispositions, they came from a fairly large flock and have not been handled much but I can walk right up to my tom and pick him up no problem. I want them to raise their own chicks and was wondering if the timing was right could I sneak the hatchery poults I am going to order under them if they have been setting long enough? Maybe that is cheating but I thought it would be easier than fussing with the poults and then trying to integrate them into the flock later. Any advice out there?
And I have to say that seeing 12 or so toms displaying and 'gobbling' (whatever it is called) was really moving; I had no idea that they made that percussion sound! That was really neat, you could feel it when they all did it together. I promise I'll post some pics when I haul the computer outside (I only have the webcam to take pics). Thanks for getting me hooked - you all know who you are! Oh and for anyone keeping track of what a trio is going for I paid $120. The tom is 2 years old and the hens are almost one. That may not be a great deal but with poults being near $10 a piece I thought it was fair, considering I could get them now and be breeding this year instead of next!
Turkeys are addicting! $40 each is about normal in my area for a grown heritage bird. Good luck with them. Sometimes they will make good moms but you will need to keep them somewhere they will be dry and warm. They will sometimes take the clutch through the tall, wet morning grass and march the babies to their death. I'm not saying that you can not let them raise their own poults, but be ready to take over if you see them killing over. It also depends on your weather where ever you live.
Sorry the pictures are so crumby, I used my webcam and there is no flash. Here is my new tom and his calico looking hen (the other hens pic didn't turn out) on her nest, I stuck her in there, but hopefully she'll get the idea!



For turkey genetics, Kevin Porter is the one you want to listen to. Kevin is the Turkey Genetic Technical Adviser for the Exhibition Turkey Fanciers. (The ONLY breed club for Turkeys).

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