I hate our coop color! :(


11 Years
Apr 28, 2010
Has anyone been crazy enough to re-paint the coop after finishing it?! I am so tempted.... I picked out a blue, which I thought was like a grey-blue, and then we had some leftover tan for the trim from our house. Well, the blue is more like sky blue - YUCK! I do not like it at all, and am so bummed. I can't decide what to do.... We have brown paint too, I could change the trim to brown so it would be blue and brown, verses blue / tan, but I still won't be pleased. I am so wishing I would have done a sage green now..GRR....

So, has anyone painted the coop and totally disliked?????
But, would the brown be too dark of a color / too hot? It is super-duper insulated though if that makes a difference. My husband made the walls THICK.

Oh, and FWIW, our house is tan w/ brown trim. I really don't want to make it the exact same...

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Those blues are so tricky! I tried to pick out a gray-blue for our office, and yup - sky/baby blue! So, I haven't repainted the coop, but I've certainly repainted rooms that did not come out like I expected. I think if I were you I'd just go buy a grayer blue and go with that. Lowe's will mix sample cans now for like $3, so it might be worth it to try 1 or 2 samples before you buy your paint to make sure you're getting the tone you want.
Try your local hardware store and see if they have any Oops paint that is sage green. You're going to have to look at that chicken coop for a long time so you might as well make it pleasant to your eye!!

I did mine in colors that match my house...because I'm weird like that
OH My Goodness!!! There is no reason to live with ugly paint. Even if you have to pay full price... paint is the easiest cheapest fix there is. At most it will cost you, what? 40? Tops. who hasn't blown $40 on a dress they'll never wear, shoes that hurt, a bad hair cut, a third rate dinner. Pick the paint -- you'll never remember how much it cost and you won't care.

Easy peezy, and then we get pictures! Right?

I'd suggest the "oops" paint too. We got ours for $15 and it was a 5 gal bucket so plenty left over to do my goat barn/shed. It was also a nice tan color. You may have to look a while but there is usually some good colors to pick from in the oops section. Good luck. I'd say go for the color change. =0)

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