I Have Shingles! ** UPDATE** Now My Daughter Has Chicken Pox! (Pg 10)


Will Barter For Coffee
12 Years
May 6, 2007
Columbia Gorge, OR
It hurts so bad I think I'm going to die! OW OW OW OW OW!


Since it is basically a resurfacing of chicken pox, can I accidentally give it to my chickens?
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Awwwww- I am so sorry!!! As a person who has never had the pox, Yikes! I got vaccinated a couple of years ago, but I still worry about it. I am sending you healing thoughts and my best wishes for a swift recovery
You have my most sincere sympathy. This too shall pass. Just hang in there.

I have heard that when you get it as an adult its much worse than if you had it as a kid. Definite sympathies!
* Bad stuff, DC. My mom's had it, but not recently. She got it around her waist 2-3 times. (Come to think of it, she hasn't had it at all since they started her on Synthroid--- (hmmmm, interesting!)
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Oh man, I don't want it to scar my face

But all of your warm wishes are making me feel a little less stressed, which is what caused it to begin with. I found out my oldest daughter has Autism, and I think that set it off.
Dont worry- its not going to scar you at all. In fact, you will be feeling much much better in a day or two. Hold peace in your heart dear
You can and will handle the struggles that life hands you. Stay positive and try to rest and heal.

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