I just caught two of my light brahma's in the act!!


8 Years
Mar 25, 2011
Hagerstown, MD
Dust bathing!
My chicks r gonna b 6, 7 & 8 weeks old on Wednesday and this is only the 2nd time I have seen a dust bath!
So funny!
Thank goodness I have read about it exyensively on here or I would have Freaked Out!
They looked like they were having seizures! Way too cute!
I love my chickies and all the laughs and joy they have brought to me in the last 2 months!
Yes it is!! My 2 girlies where laying next to each other and were flapping all over the place until some chickies started to walk over them and start chect bumping each other. Still cute!
One of mine has started doing that at 3 weeks and it freaked me out. I seriously thought something was wrong with her and that the others were going cannibal on her... but, I guess she was liking it.
I had a freak out moment from this once. A couple weeks ago our girls were still in their brooder and they had knocked their waterer so that a large area of the wood shavings was wet. Well, a couple of them started 'dustbathing' in the wet shavings. The problem was that all under her wings where she still had thin down she had small flakes of wood sticking to her all over. I am guessing it must have hurt her to walk because she was limping heavily and when I caught it several of the others had her cornered in the brooder and were pecking her back (she was facing away, into the corner). When I took her out I put her on the table to check her and she couldn't walk right and I really thought she had brokwn or injured her leg.

I decided to take her into the bathroom and used my wife's hair dryer on a low/warm setting to dry her and as she dried the shavings came off her skin and she ended up shaking the rest loose herself. Very scary. But once dried and got the wood shavings off her she was completely fine.

As I said, I am assuming that the wet wood shavings were sticking her skin making it painful to walk.
By the way, on a cuter note, my girls have been in their coop for three days now. Today I was doing a few button-ups on their run and when I let them out they went to a soft pach of sand under their coop and all six were taking a dust bath. Very cute.

I suspect that will be a favorite spot when the warm weather comes because it is shaded by a tree and their coop so they will have cool dirt for their baths.

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