I Might Get 2 Pigs!!!!


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I may be getting 2 pigs on Friday. They will be 50 pound meat pigs that would have been raised for slaughter. I am trying to rescue 2. They are just piglets right now. I will just be raising them as pets. So I won't be feeding them the fast-growth meat pig food or anything. They will be given fresh, yummy produce! I need to know however, if a 50 pound pig needs to be bottle fed? If so what type of milk? Any additional advice on pigs is most appreciated!
"meat pigs" can encompass a wide range of breeds - the growth rates, etc of each can vary a big - do you now what breed(s) the pigs are? If you have seen them knowing what color(s), level of hair cover, etc can help narrow down breeds if you aren't sure.
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I haven't seen them. I will be getting them Friday, and I won't see them until I get them. They are coming from a factory farm type of place. This is a picture of a pig I found on their website:

And this is another pic:

And another:
You will probably be receiving some sort of cross, however you may get a purebred yorkshire or landrace, as they are common factory pigs.

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