I need some advice about a hen. Is she okay?


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Mar 27, 2021
I have a Buff Orpington named Goldie. She isn't very old and she lays eggs every day. The past couple of days I noticed she has been laying down a lot--both outside and in the coop. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with her though. Her comb and waddles are a normal color, her poop is normal, she's still laying eggs daily, and she isn't limping. We have 2 other chickens that got a staph infection and have been having leg problems, but they are otherwise alright. Goldie isn't acting like they did before they stopped walking, but I am still worried about her. Last night I noticed that she hadn't jumped up on the roost with everyone else. Is she okay? And idea what might be wrong?
Do you have windows in your coop, if so she might be just basking in the sun. More or less it's normal for chickens to lay down
I already did. She isn't swollen and there is no egg that I can feel. I also checked eggs and she already laid one today. She yelled at me and kicked when I flipped her over to check her just like Goldie would. She is 100% Goldie in every way except she keeps laying down
Is it very warm where you are? Maybe she's being less active due to temperatures?
Laying an egg is usually a good sign that things are ok, but if she seems off then I'd give her a good going over, make sure you aren't missing anything. Look for injuries, swellings, lice/mites, get a good look at her droppings, see if they are normal, check her crop. How high are your roosts? Buffs can be heavy, if it's too much of a jump, maybe she doesn't want to.
They have an elevated coop, so the roost is only about a foot off the ground from their box. We free range them. And I think it should be warm or hot here considering it's summer, but it hasn't gotten above 65 degrees for over a week

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