I need to make a homemade incubator right now!

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    Ugh! I have lost two clutches of guinea eggs because the hens pick the worst spots. I tried to move her without success (I didn't know you couldn't move a guinea).

    So, I placed two dozen eggs in an old ice chest under a light. I'm trying to get them back up to the hot temp they were when I snagged them. It hasn't been very long since the hen flew away so the eggs never got cool. I have a cup of water (for humidity) but no temp gauge. It's hot and humid here so we shut off the vent in that room for the night.

    There were more than 24 so the rest were placed into a private nest box and I shoved one of our laying hens in there with them. She isn't broody so it probably won't work, but, hey, I tried to improvise.

    How often do I turn them? Can I use a pen to mark the "up" side right now? I put them pointy side up to begin with. They've been in there for about 30 minutes. They've been away from mama guinea for about an hour.
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    Quote:If you don't get answers on this forum, you may want to repost on the Incubating and Eggs thread under the Index.

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