I think my betta fish is dying :-( UPDATE


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That is old for a betta! Had one that lived to be two and half but who knows how long he sat at the pet store before I got him.

Never thought about the pea feeding. Would other fishes benefit it? I have guppies, platys, tetras and danios.


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Male bettas only live 2-3 years, so you have done an excellent job caring for him. He is just a very old betta.

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Quote:I think it can help all types of fish.

Quote:OP I would definitely try that ASAP!!!

Believe it or not ive had pet store bettas of both genders that have lived for 5-6 years before finally kicking the bucket.
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I would try feeding him half a shelled cooked then cooled pea right away. Mash it with your fingers and drop it in for healthy fish, the toopick method works well for ill fish. Bettas are very prone to swim bladder issues. There are several different kinds of medication if it is a bacterial swim bladder issue, but he is OLD for a pet shop betta in particular. I would very much hesitate to use meds unless it was very dire.

Very clean water and tank water around 78 degrees is what I always did for swim bladder issues. In older bettas they tend not to be able to handle cold temps as well as it slows their digestion and boom. Swim bladder and constipation issues. High temps, if it is a bacterial issue tend to make the bacteria thrive.


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Nov 30, 2011

I had a betta for a while, and I just loved him. I miss him very much.

If he still has trouble swimming down for his food, you can get floating betta food. That might help him a little, since he won't have to work so hard.


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Thanks for the tips and kind words everyone! He is still kicking and trying to be his fiesty self. He voraciously ate pieces of a pea off the end of a tooth pick. I haven't fed him for two days now and I think I got about half a pea in him. I also changed the water in his tank because it was starting to get a bit icky on top where he's been spending his time.

It may be my imagination, but he looks a little better to me. How long does it usually take for the pea to help? I'm guessing by morning I may see some improvements. I think mostly he just got some energy from the water change. I'm pretty sure it is definitely a swim bladder problem because he can right himself to swim, but has trouble swimming and staying at the bottom. He uses his little cave to stay down.

I think I will not feed him for another few days days to let his system clear out. If the pea helps, I will give him some more in a day or two. I was surprised how easily he ate it! Then again, he will eat anything I think!

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