I think my betta fish is dying :-( UPDATE


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Nov 18, 2011
Clove oil can be used as an anesthetic for fish. If you google it you should get a bunch of info on dosage, etc. There's a couple different methods on how to use it. I personally am not a huge fan of the clove oil/vodka method. I prefer to put the fish under with the clove oil, and then just add in a lethal amount after I am sure they are asleep.


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I'm not such a fan of the freezing method, as it seems a long process for the poor fishy. The cinder block method may be messy, but it is quick for the fish. I figure I can just put him in a plastic baggy. I still haven't decided yet. He's still kickin' though, which is very, very surprising. He just does NOT want to die.


Yes, dont freeze, its cruel.
The block is the way to go... quick and very fast..no suffering.
Poor fishy.. :hugs


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I just wanted to let you guys know that my fish finally died a couple days ago. He lived much longer than I expected him to! We even tried to put him down, but when we went to catch him, he had enough energy to hide from us. He was not able to eat towards the end though and that was sad.

However, I did go out and buy a new 2.5 gallon tank with some new decorations (Spongebob theme!) and I will be looking for a new fish on Sunday. The new tank has three light settings. Bright white, blue, and blue and white. It is actually quite nice, since I did not have a light on the old tank I was using.

The only thing I have to get is a new heater for the tank. I am planning to buy one at petsmart, but does anyone know if the new heaters they have for betta tanks can be used with a plastic tank? I just don't want to take chances that the heater will melt my plastic.


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They should have heaters for a small tank that are 2.5 gallons. I've seen them and some of them are like marker sized ones/


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Mar 5, 2007
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I went today and bought a new fishy and a heater for the 2.5 gallon tank. I had a bit of trouble finding one because I wanted to make sure it wouldn't melt the plastic tank. I finally found one and put it in the tank. The dang thing won't stay stuck to the wall though, so right now it is just resting on the rocks. Seems to be ok though. The water finally got warm enough for me to add the fish and he seems a bit overwhelmed! He's been exploring, but he is very pretty! He looks young, as he is small and fins are still smaller than full adult size. He is a type I've never had before though. They called him a half moon betta. He has a neat round, big tail. He is mostly blue, with a black spot on his head and red on the fins. Hopefully I will have pictures for you guys during the week!


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I had a betta as my first pet. His name was Guber. :) He died at 4 years old. He was so pretty. I made him a casket out of a pasta box and buried him. Sorry about your fishy. I hope your new one is just as good as the first.

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