I think my chicken is dying and I do not know why - please help!


Mar 1, 2019
My vet has given Ampicillin/ sulfatam by injection,don't know dose.Works on anaerobic bacteria or aerobic .Gave oxytetracycline usually,for follow up.Mobic daily as well,always go with abx,heal much faster.Mobic about 2 grams daily.dogs get about about 12 grams.
One hen was egg bound 2 weeks abx ,kept infection away,until she finally had her first but gigantic double egg.She had fever,very ill when I brought her in to vet.Egg was very high up,he did not know issue at time.She felt better 30 min.,very typical.
She never had any more trouble.Just first egg.
Most times vets don't know what it is,too many things possible.Plus temperature is not a good measurement.swings wildly with metabolism and food.If they close their eyes,my alert goes up immediately.Always right.

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