I wanted to share some pics of my babies. Does anyone have these too?

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    Technically I am not a first time chicken owner. About 7 years ago my ex came home with a cute fuzzy little black chick, and I raised it until it grew into an awnry rooster, and when he began to crow I had no choice but to rehome him. He was beautiful and I never did really know what kind of chicken he was. He was solid black with a red comb. His name was Cocoa and after having him I knew that once I moved out to the country I would get chickens again, and I finally did. In March I placed my order to Cackle Hatchery for 5 silver laced wyandotte pullets, 5 each of splash, birchen, partridge, and barred bantam cochins, & 5 white silkies. What I actually ended up receiving though were 6 wyandottes, 6 partridge, 6 splash, 5 silkies, 3 birchen, and 3 barred. Then I went to TSC the day after my chicks arrived to pick up some supplies, and I saw their chicks, and I picked up some more. From there, after two trips, I ended up with 2 mallard ducklings, 1 golden sebright, 1 golden laced OEGB, 1 Mille Fleur, and one silkie cross as well as 3 amber sex link chicks. All of my chicks just hit 4 weeks old, except the mille fleur, the OEGB, and the silkie cross. They just hit 3 weeks old. I love all my chickens, and though as a good mom I should not play favorites, I can't help myself since some of birds have friendlier personalities than others. The wyandottes have definitely worked their way into my heart. I ended up with a surprise rooster in the bunch and he is especially dear to me. I started off calling him Lady Wyandotte cause I thought I had all girls, cause that's what I had ordered. Surprise! Now I call him Sir Lady as I try to get him used to being called Sir. He still answers to Lady (oops!). When I pick him up he settles down and talks softly to me and loves to be hugged and snuggled. The girls will come up too to be picked up and hugged and petted. My barred cochins all 3 turned out to be roosters, and one is a bit of a biter. I had to order all my silkies and my cochins as straight run, so as they grow I am counting how many roo's I have, and right now I count about 8. I can't keep that many, so I will have to sell some or trade them for pullets as time goes on. It is a learning experience for myself and my kids, and so far I love being a chicken mom. I am getting to know each of the breeds I have, and which ones I will want to keep in my flock for years to come (wyandottes for sure!!! And silkies too). I thought I would just share some pics of my feathered kids. I hope everyone finds them as cute as I do.

    This is Omelette, one of my amber sex link chicks at about 2 weeks of age:

    Here is one of my beautiful wyandotte girls:

    Here is a picture of one of my splash, one of my birchen, and one of my partridge cochins:

    And here is a picture of my older daughter Katie as she tried to read a book. The chick felt that she should give HER the undivided attention, not the book, lol. Katie didn't mind. She just moved the baby each time she needed to turn the page.

    I hope everyone enjoys my pics. It's nice to have found a place where other people love chickens as much as I do!

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    AWWWW! Those are great pictures!! I hate when the kids get in the way!![​IMG] That is the cutes one!![​IMG]
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    Great Story and pictures. Thanks for sharing!
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    they are super cute

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