Ice melt and chickens?


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Jul 1, 2020
I’m preparing for winter. My chickens and ducks don’t have an enclosed run. They have our 2 acre fenced in yard to share with my pig, cats, and dogs and their 10x10ft insulated shed they get locked in at night. However most of the time they like to hang out on our concrete patio under our deck. My question is, in previous years (before the birds) this patio always becomes icy and we always throw ice melt out on it a few times a week. The kind that’s safe for dogs. Now that we have birds is that still safe? Is it toxic to them? Anyone have any advice on controlling ice without it? They do have a few covered runs randomly placed in the yard where they can also go for cover.


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Jul 11, 2020
I won't use anything I don't what them to eat. My run will get sand if I need to, I'm in eastern Kansas.

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