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Feb 12, 2008
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Photos of my chicks from Ideal.

I ordered 4 Polish bantams, but two died in shipment. One was critical - I thought it was dead until it twitched. After a lot of ICU care, it seems to have pulled through.

This is one of the Polish chicks, photogenic 'lil things.

A veeeewy sweeeepy Faverolles chick, on the verge of collapse (which it eventually did).

An Ameraucana, my fav chick. She's very inquisitive and sweet.

A Delaware and a Faverolles standing together, note the fuzzy legs on the Fav.

Oops, conked out.

Chicks playing race around the feeder.

Ooops, conked out again.

Pecking at something on the cardboard, it takes a committee to figure out what is going on.

Back awake - for now.

The Ameraucanas, Delawares and Faverolles seem to have come through shipping well, though I do have one Faverolles who is still too sluggish. She is getting her beak dipped in Pedialyte and water, I hope she decides to get up and start eating.

They are definitely resting more on day 2 than they did on day 1.

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Nov 9, 2007
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Thanks for posting those pics Michelle. I'm having a hard time waiting for mine and all the cute little baby pics help a little.

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