If set on 11-13, Lockdown is? Aircell O.K.? PIC incl.

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    May 2, 2011
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    I set on 11-13 at approx 9:00 p.m.. Do i go into lock down Thursday morning or evening?
    My humidity was high my first 8 days (58%), it then ran around 38-41% until the 26th. I currently have the humidity down to 10% right now. Does my air cell look o.k. for 17 days? Do they need to lose more moisture?

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    I set on 11/13 in the evening also. Your lockdown should be Thursday in the evening, that is when I stop turning. I read a sticky before lockdown with my last batch that said to increase your hatch rate: you need to candle and once you observe an internal pip stop turning and once you have an external pip to increase your humidity and actually start lockdown. This is because you don't need the excess humidity until the external pips are starting. It is under the learning center and the title is humidity and lockdown. I hope this helps. All of mine hatched last time and I will be doing this again.[​IMG]
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