If you shoot atur dog in town while intoxicated at night its OKAY!?!?!


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You're wondering what im talking about right?

well get this. Around 7:30 pm we hear rapid fire out our window, LOUD! I was hoping it was fireworks but i went to inspect anyhow. I looked straight across the road at our neighbor... nothing...theni saw a flash out the corner of my eye and looked to the neighbor diagnal to me. He was shooting a pistol for sure... I could see the gun powder flashes falling after every shot, his huge akita mix was standing there wagging his tail watching his owner doing this.....so i was thinking ot myself...it CAN'T be gunfire...right??? The dog would be getting hit....unless he's not shooting at the dog. THe gun fire stopped, and the door shut and the lights went out in the house ALL the lights in the house. OUr neighbor (the one in question) ALWAYS keeps his lights on when he's home. He shut them all out I was freaked out then. I went back in the house and told my hubby what was going on that i was positive it wasnt fireworks. The neighbor right across the yard from us calls me and says "did you see that psyco shooting out his front door!?!?!" I said "YES! you agree he was shooting right?" and he said "yes... i hope someone calls the police" I said "i might, but i want to call my parents first to make sure it's okay with them if i do" (hubby and i live and rent from my parents and i didnt want to do anything without checking in with them first).

I called and my dad picked up he's like "what i cant hear you?" "i said.....NEAL is SHOOTING OUT HIS DOOR!" "what!? get down and call 911 NOW!" i hung up and did....After talking to 911 and the state police i hung up and mom called again...while i was talking to her Neal shot again....and again...this time with no lights on. I was so scared i was balwing my eyes out hehe...about a half hour later two state cops in unmarked cars (2 unmarked 1 marked) show up and ask me whats' up.......i was urked because i already said... i repeated myself and finnally they went over and shined lights at his house waited a few minutes, and a cop went to the door and wrapped on it with the flashlight....we could hear it the whole way from where we were on teh porch which is pretty far away lol we also heard one of the cops get his shotgun ready just incase i guess....

about 5 mins later Neal comes to the door drunk and shirtless as always, and we cant hear whats being said but we can hear Neals angry. They frisk him.... talk for about 2 mins more and leave....not even coming back to tell us what happened...tho i assumed htey dont normally do that anyhow....

then our neighbor calls who talked to the cops after they talked to Neal.. Here....

supposedly.... his dog chewed his carpet, so he was shooting at the dog.... and hes drunk... so that's why he wasnt taken away.

1. there is a law here that states that you have to be a certain distance away from houses to be allowed to shoot... you also have to not be facing any houses while you're shooting ...he did neither.. he was facing my neighbors house, and was about a quarter of a football field away from his house when this happend if that...

2. there IS an animal neglect law....
if anything that dogs ears have got to be ringing....i dont care how mad you are a dog....you DONT Shoot at it!!!! The dog wasnt even scared, i was wathcing him happily looking lovingly at his owner and wagging his big akita tail at him.....that did suprise me because it was loud and right beside the dog that i could see the gunpowder flames falling....

3. we werent the only neighbors that called the cops...doesnt that mean anything... we were ALL scared.... and now i feel even more scared knowing i was 100% right he was shooting AND he's drunk..but that's okay?

the last 2 shots he did were in teh pitch black.... i have no clue where or what he was shooting...

my husband thinks he wasnt shooting at the dog....and the more i thikn about it i agree with him, because one... he wasnt even a foot away from his dog when he was shooting...i dont care how drunk you are...how would you miss??? (they ddint even check the dog BTW---but im positive the dog wasnt shot because he was stil happy as could be). Also, the flashes were falling beside the dog in the same area each shot....he wasnt shooting here and there...etc. I know that you ARE allowed to shoot your own dog... but im pretty sure you have to have accurate aim AND not be in a residental area to do it! This man has shot 3 dogs in the past that i know of so its' al possible..but every time he has he went into the woods away from homes. The neighbor told me of the first two he ever shot, 2 lab puppies... and i know of the third because he told me...he shot his last purebred akita because he had a cherry eye... and i assume now he'll kill this one if he wasnt lying because it supposedly chewed his carpet...

I was scared for my life... but... it's okay to shoot your dog while intoxicated at night...in town.... okeeeee

WHAT Is wrong wiht this picture!?!?!??!?
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There is alote wrong with the picture....starting with the cops for not doing anything, ugh!!

ETA: glad your ok and the poor dog to
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Everybody has the right to bear arms. Some people with concealed permits even take them in to bars with them. Ask your neighbor to let you know when he's getting drunk. Then you can sleep in the basement to stay safe.
thanks my nerves are still shot. I felt like I was on one of my 911 shows i watch

I know if my dogs were getting shot at they'd have been cowering and crying even if not shot... this dog could have cared less..
ofcourse you do, my dad and mom both have pistol permits. However shooting in town is illegal...these cops must have been lazy tonight didnt want paper work
plus shooting at night im pretty sure isnt allowed

and sorry no basement here...

ETA concealing a weapon and shooting a weapon are two totally different things lol

ETA he's a drunk....so i have to hide in my pretend basement 24/7 wow im gonna turn albino! LOL!
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no, not everyone should have the right to bear arms...hence, the stupid drunk with the gun...

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