Ignorant people make me nuts...

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Chicken Lil, Mar 21, 2009.

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    Speaking of allergies, my brother doesn't have any and he spends all of his time in the basement. I am in shock of that. Anyway, my brother isn't in favor of me getting chickens even though he would never see them, only eat their eggs. Such a nerd, he thinks they will taste worse or something. All of you are complaining, and I completely agree with all of you, but imagine having to live with someone like that. My mom thinks the chickens will smell bad, but she is all for the fresh, healthier eggs.
  2. Quote:Yeah, I know people like that, also. My children are like yours, they play football with no shirts on (boys), ect., while friends are told by their parents to keep jackets on so they won't get sick.
    When I ask those same parents about their children's immunty being heightened by allowing their children to do the same as my own children, ther excuses are always the same.......well, their child/children have always been sickly..... [​IMG] [​IMG] !
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    My friends are mostly vets and technicians, so I don't get much of that. My friends all LOVE my fresh eggs. And when my dad comes over for dinner, we usually have fresh scrambled eggs. YUM!
    I say if people are afraid of 'farm fresh eggs', it's their loss!
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  4. Have you read the article by that doctor who researches peoples homes, and what germs he finds and where. He said there is more fecal material (poop particles) on our dishrags than there is on the under rim of our toilet stool for one example . . .its fascinating. Shopping carts are rampant with bacterias, as is bathroom floors, NEVER put your purse on the floor of any bathroom, its crawling with kooties. . .very fascinating reading. [​IMG]
  5. Quote:You mean you CANT catch a cold from going outside with wet hair??? Hmm... learn something new everyday! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    it's because of the whole "bird flu" scare, but chickens are not half as dirty as ferrets and hamsters, who also don't make you sick.

    silly people, if only the world wasn't so full of stupid people who think that just because there was a "bird flu" and chickens are birds... oh you get the point.

    you can't get sick from chickens!
  7. Quote:um... then whaddaya call Salmonella?
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    Quote:OMG, at least my family know better, although they still think I'm an odd duck! [​IMG]

    Talk about ignorant, my husband told his friends at work that we had chickens and had eggs for sale if anyone wanted them. None of the guys would buy them because they were sure that my our eggs would not be as safe as the ones from the store. [​IMG]

    How stupid can you get!

    wtf?!!! what??!!! that is so ridiculous! how STUPID can people be???
    they have NO IDEA!!!! i've never really been able to stomach ANY store-bought animal products be they eggs, meat or milk. i prefer hunting my own food and raising my own chickens.... and drinking milk from my aunt's goat because i've never even seen a real cow before...
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    Quote:um... then whaddaya call Salmonella?

    ugh, you KNOW what i mean. you can also get salmonella from handling reptiles and eating canned meat. not just chickens.
  10. Quote:yeah.. but I still got'cha! [​IMG]

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