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As Rob requested in the other thread, here are links to some important and unique threads on BYC that you might not ever run across on your own:

BYC History

Putting Faces With Names (Submit Your Mug Here)

Board Demographics (members' biographical info)

Please Use Search Feature

There are also some questions that are really really common (how do I build a homemade incubator; what's a good chicken first aid kit; etc). There's nothing at all wrong with people asking the question again to see if something new comes up, but it can be a good idea to use the 'Search' utility first, or check out the following standout threads :

What incubator should I get:

Learning to use an incubator and hatch eggs: (long, but w/ valuable info) (long, but w/ valuable info)

How to build an incubator

Chicken first-aid kit

How much space do I need per chicken (in coop, in run, total)?

Why can't I peel my hardboiled eggs, and what do I do about it?

[n.b. I will edit this post to add more as time permits today but right now I have cranky kids who want breakfast]

Pat, hoping others will do much of the work for me
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All have been added to the FAQ page... now to get all the new members to check there first!

Thanks to the great members above for helping to pull this stuff together!!

Any other suggestions for FAQs please add them here!

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