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May 13, 2020
I have 16 three week old hens and any time I go into the coop one hen starts chipping loudly. Wont settle down n eat treats or anything so long as I am in the coop. Is this normal chick behavior? They are not to hot crowded lonely hungry or thirsty n no pasty butts.
We had one that did that. She’s still our loudest. I’m not sure if it’s normal or not but in our case it usually meant there was a need not being met like not enough heat/food/water. The loud chirp was always sort of a cry for help or a scared cry. My chicks also did that at night when I left the room bc they didn’t like the dark. I’m no expert but I’m hoping hearing another experience might help!
I don’t know if this applies or not but when I have to separate mine- and I have 9- to do pen cleaning such as moving them all out at one time just for a few minutes. Sometimes I will put them in a storage container to go outside on our screened in porch so they can spend some time out there while I clean their inside brooder. So when I initiate the move and I usually move my more dominate chick first. She will start chirping very loudly as if to sound the alarm that she has been separated from the troops and that they need to come find her. It’s not a terrible sound like and “I’m hurt” sound but just a quick loud alert. They will all do it whether it is her or if I use another one first. She just usually does it less and without as much gruff. She doesn’t mind being handled at all and steps right up into my hand when called and she’s only a week old. It could be just an alert sound that there is a human in the coop that that hen is making for you. Is she your more dominant hen? Or is she one of your lookouts? If you go into the coop at night and this particular hen that does this chirping is sleeping on the outer end of the pitch then she is not one of the more dominant hens. She is a lookout. She will be sleeping on the outer edges with one eye open at all times when she sleeps. Looking for predators whether they be you, other hens, or furry kinds of predators.
Hope this helps.
Not sure yet but may be a roo. Sits on roost in the middle of the group. Once I pick it up n talk to it, show it the surroundings and pet it a bit, seems to quiet it down somewhat.

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