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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Sally Sunshine, Nov 1, 2015.

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  1. kwhites634

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    Makes me hurt just looking at that egg, & I ain't even a hen [​IMG]
  2. Peep-Chicken

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    I have never owned a horse but have always wanted one. :rolleyes: :)
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    Check out this one... second egg in the pic 104.1 gram egg from a Golden Comet!
    1st egg is a normal size egg from my Swedish duck - 79.2 grams
    3rd egg is a lavender orpington 40.6 grams
    4th egg is a silkie 44.8 grams.

    I cracked open the comet egg last night, double yolk and both yolks were huge!


    Compared to the rest...
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    Sep 23, 2015
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    Biggest chicken egg I ever saw
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  5. gimmie birdies

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    Feb 12, 2013
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    I have 4 eggs total the hen sat on, and some in incubator due next week. This one hatched this morning the other 3 are pipping... funny because this was the biggest egg, I almost thought it was a double yoke. Probably the biggest chick I have seen in a while. EE/leghorn mix.
    I hope my handwarmer idea worked for my blackout-incubator was supposed to be 5 hrs ended up 8.
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  6. gimmie birdies

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    Feb 12, 2013
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    Hey Sally- I like your copper penny idea!
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  7. Sally Sunshine

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    Friends and NOTES!

    Because sometimes notes
    work better than brains!


    DRAW DOWN / internal pip of chick see: post #975
    NEW TO INCUBATION SEE: reply to post #113 and Hatching Eggs 101
    Humidity is NOT a set number! Its a tool to get the correct weight loss in the egg! see Hatching Eggs 101
    TEMPS TEMPS TEMPS see post #1201
    Incubators with fans and without fans need to run at DIFFERENT TEMPS! read temp section here: Hatching Eggs 101
    SHIPPED EGGS = CHANGE OF PLANS! Hatching Eggs 101
    post #1456
    WHY YOU SHOULD CALIBRATE and link to HOW: post #545 also see calibration in Hatching Eggs 101 TEMPS SECTION
    WHY lay your eggs down horizontal to hatch and how to mark eggs for hatching: BOTTOM OF post #583
    Ovation Overview SEE : Ovation points by clicking on the “thumbs up”
    ozexpat switching out thermostats in styros post #1788 & post #1505 Getting the Flock out of Here
    VIP BYC member interviews
    Link to HERBS From hippiestink for nest boxes
    INFO on What colors to Distract Chicks from Pecking and help laying in nest boxes SEE post #932
    The influence of high altitude on the hatching of chicken eggs. post #995
    Acorns as Chicken Feed, Revisited
    HOW to keep typing after you @ someone! see: post #1088
    ROOSTING issues talk of nest boxes need to be lower! see starting post #939
    Quail incubating see this thread
    Incuview incubator unit from a thread on use incuveiw post #1120
    The Genius of Birds - Embryonic development
    HOW to POST PICs from a CELL PHONE / AP or browser see starting at post #1208
    ADDING FANS to BATORS fans are important: start at post #1213 and post #1396
    WEIRD discussion about good diviners, or water witches starts about post #1253
    COCCI post and links TREATMENT CHICKS its all over! see post #1408
    Chick Pro and Pre Biotic vit cheap! I swear by them! 1st & 2 wks then ACV see post #1409
    Chicken Clucking playlist for incubation by Venymae link is Here Chicken Clucking Playlist
    CALL DUCK CANDLING pics by Rayvyn day 5 & 11 see post #1348 post #1354
    POOP ALL About CHICKEN POOP sometimes it is runny clear a must read! post #1462
    tao is starting a bator and a genius turner with a microwave turner starting post #1516 post #1520

    Color coded update:
    11/10, 11/11, 11/12 am, 11/13 am,

    Me: CCL Serama: never set them together, I did because serama hen found with eggs, due around 20th give or take [​IMG] in a regular coolerbator just for fun with kiddos, Sally had a #917, another coolerbator showed up in livingroom and filled up with serama eggs they jumped in like jumpin beans, you should try eating their dippy eggs! serama pics post #1420

    cgbond Splash Blue laced red Wyandotte own eggs ~ first time I have tried to incubate in a long time. styro incubator Little Giant incubator from Tractor Supply with automatic turner. (waiting on some eggs from a friend. She's sending me some Cream Legbar and some Black copper Marans) Current chickens include; Splash blue laced red Wyandotte, Barred Rock, white rock, golden buff, RIR.

    kwhites634 friend, helper and humor on the thread! kwhites is in dire need of a construction class overwinter, so he can get his prefab china made coop out of his bedroom come spring. Still not sure why he had to make the run as predator-proof as he could with welded wire skirting & hardware cloth, motion-detector lights, & keep a rifle handy, along with a Hav-A-Hart trap if its in his bedroom though Kwhites has bind pigs, not sure why but to each is own post #1042 kwhites enjoys is ignorant cellular device [​IMG]

    Saris DUE Nov 12th mixes, some will lay brown, some will lay olive LOCKDOWN 11/8 SHE HAS pips and chicks hatching !! 11/9 11/10 CHCIKS are popping all over the place start post #1023 Update: 19 chicks in the brooder, 3 pips in the bator, 4 unknowns,post #1397 great chic pics!

    slrose24 cream legbar eggs shipped, made her own homemade turners

    Cynthia12 [​IMG]Silkie/frizzles due on the 20th..and, a mystery egg. 20th..right on my birthday. [​IMG]larger brown egg surprise for her birthday perhaps???? Cynth popped in and gave a bunch of great advice around post #1055 doing better today, wasnt so good yesterday, gotta see whatup!post #1169 Posted a cool video! We are all routing for you for another beautiful white silkie!! 18 more beautiful eggs in the bator set eve 11/13! A cool video posted post #1476

    RavynFallen [​IMG]Oct 31st eve set Call duck eggs happened to fall in and FILL up her bator, so they'll be due on Thanksgiving Day. 11 developing, drakes forgot to pack their little blue pills, lol), 8/12 of the shipped eggs are developing nicely, and all 3 of Lady Grey's eggs are developing. shweeetttt Rayvn has cool shipped call duck eggs candling pics on DAY 11 post #1348 day 5 here post #1354

    chicken hawk 33 26 chicken eggs in it both production reds and white leg due 21st, had another temp spike 11/10 105,has an egg with 2 air cells but cant get us pics, we wont believe him if he dont show us pictures [​IMG]he knows the rules! His three silkies are doing great, and its confirmed, the string was strung, his trio is well "stitched" together. asked about clipping feathers on his guins,post #967 Mymillie suggested just clipping one side flight feathers on guinies, Chicken Hawk wants to dress up his bator, I dont know if he is getting ready for Thanskgiving dinner or what, but that is nice of him!post #1038 chicken hawk asked about temp humidity in the bator at lockdown, I gave him the hatching 101 article I wrote many times, did you read it young sir? [​IMG]Hatching Eggs 101 - see day 18 and read that section for help, you should understand that part before you get there! Talk of installing a computer fan with a baffle in a bator starting at post post #1396 with links and images

    firedragon1982 12 sent to me, took 2 sappy ones was cracked - Day 7 was on 11/3 ???????????? hubs is in charge of bator yet??? Well... got 12 more eggs today. Also ordered a second incubator for a hatcher since we will be having a staggered hatch. But on a side note I am glad we got another dozen, candled real quick when I added some water last night (day 10) and 3 of the 6 that had started quit [​IMG] Still frustrated that half of the first dozen were clear at the 7 day candle. I know these eggs had a rough ride because of the detached air cells. But still. I wanted a good hatch [​IMG] So batch #1 will be due 11/17 [​IMG] Batch #2 will be due 11/28. And I may or may not have a 3rd dozen coming to me too... 11/10 Out of batch #2 to be starting turned tomorrow, none have any veining whatsoever. [​IMG] At least with the first dozen, we could see the 6 that did have veining. Hopes are dwindling for this dozen quickly. Hoping this next dozen from a different seller to be set in a few minutes won't be complete duds!!

    hippiestink I'm not hatching anytime soon but I'm mostly here for tips on using incubators and broodies. She herbbbbbed up her nestboxes, I added the link to the top of this page for list of herbs. hippie has some roost work to do, but she is too busy sniffing her nest boxes to get to them. [​IMG]Poor Daisy the Sex Link is blind in one eye see talk of chicken eyes here post #991 Hippie is building a new coop that wont be a POS. hippiestink, I now dub thow herbhippie has begun her coop! yes!!! Discussion that hippie should buy a reptile incu and convert it thans ravyn for enabling!! see starting post #1356

    Lamancha wants a job taking daily notes on the thread, its much better than a day job! [​IMG]I chucked out my infertile duck eggs and put in 42 new chicken eggs today. 2 leghorns, 1 mix, and 39 BBS Orps.


    lisahefner coon slaughter all her chickens wanted to hatch bought Brinsea Manual Egg Incubator, has several stage eggs and some from fridge in it.

    Ren2014 ordered Chocolate Orpington's from Papa's Poultry. Pekin hens and KC drake set 5 eggs eve 11/8 Ren has everyone runningto get string and a needle, running from egg to egg, hen to hen roo to roo, and dont you know if you put it over your wrist it will swing and tell you how many children and in swings it tells you how many boys girls children too>? it told me of my divorce I should have listened..... you were all warned!! I thought this was an old dutch secret??? but as I keep reading it is not


    FridayYet [​IMG]won't be hatching until next year, but helping hatchers and chatting

    hereorthere Won't try my hand at hatching until next year, but I'll take notes!

    GreenRunner I've got 12 silkie eggs set - day 8 on 11/2, candled today (Day 14 (11/8) and my three little silkies are still going strong. Was a bit disappointing as nine of 12 eggs were clear,

    WVduckchick [​IMG]I don't plan to hatch until spring, but you never know! We now have another piece of the puzzle of WV polka dot rubber boots [​IMG] Cant figure out why she feels like an old man, it must be all that wild turkey, try a bit of JD it makes you feel younger.

    tao chick I'll be building this incubator and running a test hatch when my cockerels are old enough to start laying seeds- probably February at the earliest. My guess she will need a mood improviser sooner than later [​IMG]tao is starting a bator and a genius turner with a microwave turner starting post #1516 post #1520

    lazy gardener [​IMG]No hatching here for me until March or April, had added some great suggestions to help in a multi post #961, she likes to "cook an egg to perfection, resulting in perfectly done chicks" [​IMG]this is exactly what we do!

    PhoredaBurds [​IMG]Subscribing tho not incubating right now. It's getting tough to resist tho MUST SET EGGS MUST SET EGGS MUST SET EGGS

    Mims Brinsea Octagon 20 Advance I have never incubated eggs before, but I have been researching like crazy for the last several months. Texas, and I currently have 17 chickens. RIR, RIW, Leghorn, Orps, Silkie, Australorp, BCM roo, etc. My first and main flock was killed about a month ago, so I am working on rebuilding it. I'm going to set quail eggs Mims wants to know if hedgehogs will mess with chickens see starting post post #1014 [​IMG]Mims having some issues keeping humidity up in the bator without the humidity pump see starting post #1495

    Bejammie 24 eggs and counting, starting the incubation 11/3 I am excited and scared, lol. I have white leghorn eggs, bcm eggs and some mixed breed eggs. 28 eggs in the aiming for 20 hatched NOTE(had a temp spike overnight, DAY 2 up to 105 but I got it cooled back down)

    RobJones 11/6 Kabir eggs on day 20 12 eggs in there that are not due to hatch for 24 hours but 4 are piped and I can hear them peeping this is great, I love it..

    nuklee0 Woke up to a broken door on one of our smaller coops that housed 4 silkies. Turns out a bear got 3 of the 4. info on staggered hatches? I started my 2nd hatch about 6 days ago. due on the 17th and 19th/20th because I staggered.8 silkies and 2 cross breeds... Dad is an Ameraucana/Cochin and 1 mom is a Black australorp and the other mom is probably a production Rhode Island Red.. nuklee has the most amazing candle of the year see post #1236

    UrbanFarmOC Subscribing to learn more! Am still fairly new to chickens

    RubyNala97 Just marking a spot here. I've been reading through the thread and I WAS doing so good without hatching and having NO withdrawals...but now I have the itch!!! I wish I could hatch for someone else! She is going to become the worlds professional hatcher for hire, I DUB her "RubyNALA's Eggs to Chirps" at your Service!

    venymae 6 legbars, 10 blue egger mixes, and 10 serama shipped tried to candle some, but was NOT feeling confident so I have decided to leave them, settled, first time doing shipped eggs. Veny has a 4 year old, not sure 4 year old what, but its making her uglybator's humidity is high, she is taking care of that and her temps are spot on as suggested! [​IMG]Peachy keen everythngis peachy keen! Veny made a clucking playlist for chicks in the bator check it out here Chicken Clucking Playlist

    perchie.girl 1588 and have only hatched ONCE. Bout four years ago gotlucky with guins I think she did it right and thinks she did it wrong by chance!! perchie gave some good advice on nest boxes n wing clipping and new coop design starting about post 1000 or so!

    Phage [​IMG]

    Blarneyeggs I'm in! Always fun hanging with you, Sally!

    ccrane11 few eggs from my own flock. I have Rhode Island Red, Rhode Island White, Golden Sex Link, and New Hampshire Red girls. They are bred by a Rhode Island Red or a Silver Lackenvelder rooster.

    mymilliefleur Hey all, joining in here. I'm not currently incubating anything, but I always enjoy learning more about incubation. Now we know why mymillie likes to learn so much about incubatuion! when she said she has always run her still air between 98-100F, I see a big change coming in her HATCH RATES!!! There was talk that perhaps some practice should begin NOW!!! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]mymillie has pigs and does feed acorns to them, and turkeys? what else! Millie is breaking down, hatch eggs hatch eggs hatch eggs,

    ambe0487 New to incubating and i am on day 18 we are in lockdown!!! I have 5 eggs of 2 silkies, 1 silkie/cochin mix, 1 maran cross, and a light brown surprise egg. I'm using a FarmInnovator incubator with current readings at 64% humidity and 100degrees. I have a spinge with water and a wet rag in the bator to keep humidity up. 11/3 ps... she talks to her eggs like some other hatchers do... I have caught my temps dropping in the evening over the last 4 nights. I'm sure it's happened during day 1-17 as well. 11/7 One internal pip & two un-pipped. THEY DIS died in shell, didnt make it. Im planning on getting another set of eggs on the 11/ 22nd so I have plenty of time to regulated the incubator to where it needs to be! Eggs i ordered are: 18 RIR and RIW mix, then 12 Ameraucanas. should arrive by turkey day!! Sally gave ambe the shipped egg talk for the benefit of all see post #1050, discussed how important a fan is for incubation and having stable temps all around in the bator, how cheap a fan is and easy to install start at or before post #1213, she already ordered her new fan and should arrive around the same time as the eggs!

    lazyacre Cynthia12 invited me over to this tread. I'm pretty new to chickens. This will be only my second time incubating won 12 Bielefelder eggs on eBay today. lazy acre thought the Bielefelder eggs would have shipped yesterday but they haven't shipped yet. They are coming to Utah from Colorado. It will be 12 eggs, I have a havobator 1588. Do the hatching do better if there are more eggs in the incubator. Just wondering if I should try to get extra local eggs to hatch with them? post #973 lazy acre is also high elevation! see above in the very top posts! still no eggs for lazyacre [​IMG]

    Peep-Chicken all 7 eggs from MyPetChicken are viable and will hatch Tuesday (11/10) 4 Carolina blue sex link EEs, 1 barred Olive Egger, 1 Ameri-Flower and 1 super blue egg layer. Peeps hen blew a pupil a few months ago [​IMG][​IMG] peep had four hatch from her Mypetchicken eggs that she had for her school hatch and had a great pic of them on post post #1282

    holm25 I'll join!! I wont be hatching till spring since it gets to cold here in minnesota but will chat and help when I can

    chickendreams24 I'm just dieing to set eggs guys.I will be back at it in the spring

    ozexpat [​IMG]1200 posts behind. I can't keep up with y'all along with school, ps.... he cant keep up with his wife, I dont expect him to keep up here [​IMG]

    Rod-T famous for "Now now. Can't we all just hatch along" [​IMG] My chicks are due on 18th.. Hatching Delawares and barred rocks.. having a hard time not counting them before the hatch. I've been talking to them.. I call them all girls. hope it doesn't give the roosters a complex.. [​IMG]so far the incubator running good.. noticed 2 spikes of 102. Sally said not a big deal if your calibrated!


    JandTRanch 2 bators running for hatches due 11/20 and 11/22 with a total of 14 eggs set. I got a great deal on a Brinsea mini for $25 bucks and it is at full capacity with 8 shipped black copper Marans eggs and the hygrometer. I am hoping for some quality breeding stock out of this hatch to add to my existing blue copper breeding prospects. We really also wanted to hatch some from our existing mixed flock too- so I was able to talk my husband into letting me get a Hovabator on sale :) and each family member chose a hen we wanted a baby from. So we have 6 in there. They are all covered by our silver laced Wyandotte rooster. So there's a slw egg, 2 barred rocks eggs (Chicks should be black sex-links), 2 Easter eggers eggers, and a black sex link's egg. kids are feeling better! put the hazmat suit and quarantine tape away! some horse talk and sadle talk starting before post #1496


    Chipper Chicken I'm new to incubating too, but probably won't do any until next year, I'm trying to read and learn all I can in advance.

    Flockmama87 I'm on day 7! (11/7) First time with shipped Marans eggs off eBay and at day 7 candling 11/12 are alive and growing strong, 1 died early, no veins, clearish with an incomplete blood ring, I left it in just in case, my last 2 hatches I had moments of oops I thought you were dead....sorry you are now.... I'm trying to avoid that this time. So I'm leaving everyone in until lockdown unless someone starts oozing or weeping.....I need the next 14 days to go by quickly, I wanna see little fuzzy butts!

    Bernadine503 thermometer questions

    Hawk12 Hatch day is the 20th .I am incubating shipped eggs that are on day 8. (11/7) I just candled them and marked the air cells and I have some that are saddle shaped but attached and some that are normal shaped but not completely attached. Is there still hope for the babies? They are alive at this point I am incubating blue and gold partridge brahmas, chocolate and molted/spangled orpingtons, dbl laced barnevelder (only 1 left out of 6) and 1 maline. I received eggs from 3 different sellers. I have incubated before but only about 4 times. I have ordered eggs on 3 of those and have yet to have a successful hatch on shipped eggs. I am determined to hatch shipped eggs but I have to admit it gets discouraging. I had a great hatch when I incubated my own eggs, nearly 100%. My incubator is a still air Styrofoam with an automatic egg turner. I have read through the Hatching 101 article, it is full of great information. The babies on my previous attempts with shipped eggs all made it to lockdown but then never hatched. Hawk wants to assist notetaking and quit dayjob! Hawks husband is in no way torn between her obsessive childbearing disorder or her chickbearing disorder, therefor she will be with us for a very long long lonnnnng time. but should she need help in the other area I am sure we could help with that as well [​IMG]

    Bubbles12345 I'm interested in building an incubator, see post post #657 of 734 and CABINET COOLER INCUBATOR ~ CoolerBATOR ~ Very helpful on HOW to keep typing after you @ someone! see: post #1088

    sonshine15 Late to the party, but better late then never [​IMG] 2 day old chick with a broken wing on 11/10 please post in emergency section Asap! Soneshine had fixed the wing the best she could, need to get an update! she is also high elevation! update before I finish this update yee gads!!! keep wrapping that tiny chick wing and no matter how perfect I get it, by morning it's off. I even stuck a bandaid under the coband to help keep it in place............uhg. it's not drooping as bad and of course shes' a healthy as a horse.

    napdognewfie [​IMG]I set 11 eggs from DD's hens 11/9 had 100% hatch on my runner ducks [​IMG] and 5 out of 24 shipped eggs. [​IMG]

    cliffoco 11/10 day 20 I have 7 eggs that are from some fairly new hens, i am 12 hours into day 20, wit no internal pip yet! (soon, I know I am impatient!). Anyhow, I was looking for anyone who had experience hatching small eggs? cliff already has internals and just like that externals! had some questions about new layers hard shells, etc, So I woke up this morning at 4am and no hatch, went back to bed and checked at 7 and I have 2 little chicks post #1300 has pics of all four chicks 100% hatch rate CONGRATS! I have another batch that should be ready to hatch Thursday (Nov 19), this dozen is from a neighbor. So far two eggs have cracked (when they were tiny blood spots nothing more) so I am down to 10. These ones will be a real mix since he has barred rock, RIR, leghorns. cliffoco posted chick pics post #1434

    Kraftcrazychick set 11/7 on day 3 of my first batch of hatching eggs. Things are mostly going well but I am a bit unhappy with the fluctuation of the temperature. It doesn't get too high or too cold but it varies between about 3-4 degrees right now. It's a modified lower water heater thermostat which has large holes drilled through- which was supposed to make it more #974 Krafycrazy has her bator stable now seems her temp guage skipped a number like one of mine does!

    TheChickenQueen I'm not currently hatching anything, but this looks like an amazing thread to hang around on and learn something new but has some great advice see post #988

    Brat Flock ended October with a 0 of 12 hatch on a $200 dozen Black Copper Marans eggs.I have 30 BCM eggs in the mail and a replacement dozen coming to make up for the 0 of 12. I also have 9 BCM going into lockdown on the 12th of this month so I have an OBVIOUS ADDICTION and plenty to learn. So glad to join in he is adding LED lighting on a 12 hour timer for the 1st 18 days, I like him already! Brat Fl0cks beautiful marans eggs came post #1452

    Ur-ur-ur-urrr My new Incuveiw All-in-One is supposed to be arrive today... yay!!! If it survives shipping, I'll set it up and let it run a few days to make sure I can get it stabilized. I recently met a fellow that lives about 9 miles away with a lovely flock of PBR. He sells his eggs for $2 per dozen... and they're fertilized. My goal is to practice on a couple of batches before ordering shipped eggs in the spring. Hopefully, I won't have too much trouble figuring out how to maintain ideal conditions for hatching. I'm looking forward to setting my first eggs for the very first time, and I'm also a little nervous at the same #1036 found link on the incuveiw post #1120 getting a replacement part for his new bator!

    gimmie birdies I have a broody hen and some more eggs in incubator for her...under her she has 3 white leghorn/EE eggs, and 1 mystery brown egg (the dad is EE the mom may be black star) in my incubator I have frizzle cochins, welsummer/cochins, and RIR. Hen's eggs are due on Fri. 13th. The fun part will be the 2 black out schedualed one for tomorrow 5:30am to 2:30 pm, and one on the 12th 10:30 pm to 4:30 am. gimmie had a blackout 11 hours, "I put a glove warmer in a basket, with towels on top put in the eggs and covered during the 11 hr power out. the temp stayed in upper 90's." see post #1321 for pics Momma hen on 4 eggs, in the air cells!

    CrazyChickLady7 buff orphs Setting mine hopefully next week.

    KDOGG331 I'd love to incubate and hatch eggs eventually but we just got our first chicks two weeks ago so it'll probably be quite a while! Haha not enough experience. Although maybe I could get one of the birds to go broody. Kdog learned never call an olddog an old dog [​IMG]

    FaerieChicken hoping that some of the older hens I have will go broody and hatch out some babies for us next spring. I also wish I could get a set up again for my chickens and their chicks. I will eventually. I suppose one of these days I will even be able to have an incubator and a brooder and a nursery to put them in when done in the brooder. Love seeing all of the excitement, I look forward to seeing all the babies soon too! HEY better late then never!

    BG2heum had an egg explosion day 19, see starting post #1279 cynthia12 gave her advice [​IMG]post #1283

    rossfam06 Ross set Sally's eggs eve 11/12 yippy!!! she says air cells look good, she has a few ccl and sally project mixes... Sally says up that TEMP! 100.5 please!!
  8. kwhites634

    kwhites634 Father Time Premium Member

    Yeah, I saw that one earlier....double OUCH! No danged wonder chickens don't produce all that long.
  9. lazy gardener

    lazy gardener Flock Master

    Nov 7, 2012
    Does your garage maintain steady temps? If not, you may have some issues.

    How much is the temp fluctuating? If it's only a degree or so, try snuggling a blanket around it. You may be chasing your tail at this point. Better to get it so it's not going too high, then for the lows, do the blanket snuggle, just don't cover your vents. Are you keeping it in a room with steady temps? Tell us what your temp is fluctuating between? Also, before doing any adjustments, unless you're bumping it down, give the bator time to settle. That could take several hours. I never adjust mine, unless it's too warm unless I've seen a trending pattern that lasts at least 2 hours. Also, if you've opened it for any reason, it needs time to stabilize before you mess with it.

    You should be fine. Eggs have gone cold for longer than that, and hatched well. As I recall, your temp didn't drop too much. That little chickie is not so little. Please keep us posted about how he grows. Interesting to follow chicks that are at either end of the size spectrum to see if there are any issues, either +/-.
  10. chicken hawk 33

    chicken hawk 33 Chillin' With My Peeps

    Nov 4, 2015
    103 about sometimes 105.and the lows are between 85 and 95,
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