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May 6, 2015
Hey all,
I'm new to this world of hatching chickens and have just started my incubator up to the second time (the first time I had horrible hatch rate- only <10% and I don't really know why).
I bought a new thermometer just in case this was the issue. So I now have two in my box, and they are reading different temperatures- one is at 36C (96.8F) and the other at 38C (100.4F) and now I just dont know what to do. I have nothing to calibrate them off. (The lower one was the one I was using on the last hatch)
Of course the humidity is different on them also (55% vs 67%).
Is it better to keep the temp as it is (if the lower one is correct will they still hatch) or increase the temperature (if the higher one is correct, will it cook them if I put it too much higher).
Im buying two more tomorrow, but thought I would get some experienced people's advice.
My eggs have arrived and I cant leave them out for too much longer.

Get a thermometer that you can calibrate, then check these 2 from it. Humidity readings can be calibrated also, with the salt test. Better to let the eggs wait one more day to get accurate readings than to mess them up from the get-go. But if you must set them, then yes, keep the temps on the low side.
I have a forced air incubator that is cooler on one side. I just turned the top (where the heat element is) twice a day.

So you are saying the thermometer readings may be accurate, its the placement of them that is creating the different readings? Possibility. Lynka, did you try moving the thermometers to other areas? Trade places with the two, and see if they read what the other was reading in that spot. But that still wouldn't guarantee accuracy of the number. Just that they both read the same.
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welcome to the world of uncertainty .take glass large enough to put your thermometer in fill it with crushed ice & water put your thermometer in it for about 5 to 10 seconds or until it stops moving. it should read 32 degrees. Mark it check the other market it as well. I brought 4 thermometers all 4 had a different reading, and were the same brand. only 1 was right I gave up got a meat thermometer from wall mart and pushed through the top of my incubator beside the one that came with it. I have checked so many that are wrong Its unreal .You came to the right place I got lot of good advice on the BYC just sit back and read.
I'm off to the city to work . I got on line to double ck. the sponge size that AmyLynn told me to get and saw your post. I'm locking down this afternoon and humidity has been my problem .good luck with your hatch. Your going to love this guys there better than books.
gotta go long drive.
Wow so many replies already.
Ok so it's fan forced incubator- and for some reason I can't seem to find out what brand it is.
I swapped the thermometers around and the higher one dropped by 0.5C/1F but the lower one didnt change.
Something that is now worrying me is the incubator doesnt feel warm. My broody box beside it (which these same thermometers read at similar temperature) feels warm.
Gosh I'm starting to worry now :S I dont want to ruin another batch of eggs!
I'm getting the new ones in about 3 hours

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