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Aug 5, 2019
Austin, Texas
It is with chagrin that I am posting my feathery friends for adoption due to preparations for a major life changing event.

Indian Runner Ducks & Drakes, PT Tested with flock history, Pick up only, Austin, Texas near ACC Northridge campus.

Re-homing fee is $20 for males and $30 for females.
You must take a male in order to get a female.
10 available $200 if you take all 10.

$20 each Males (4): Forest, Raymond, Junior, one month old Duckling
$30 each Females (6): Blackie, Colleen, Sweet Pea, Coco, Flo-in-Water, Yvette

I'm keeping 5 of my 15 ducks (not shown) - Females: Blue, Jenny, Elena and one month old duckling & Males: one month old gray duckling.
if a great home wants all the ducks, then $350 will include all 15 ducks, their green kiddie pool, some egg cartons, and whatever feed and shavings I have left at that time. My egg clients and I may become the new flock caretaker's client depending on location.

Forest is our Papa Drake and is estimated to be 6 years old.
Blue and Blackie are my oldest gals and have just turned 4 years old.

***I'm not giving up on ducks, just taking a break, so I will be hanging on to the other duck related accessories I've acquired over the years.

babies 9-10-19 first pic-.jpg
Sweet Pea-.jpg
Raymond, Blue, Colleen, Sweet Pea, Flo-in-Water and Yvette found a new home [about a month ago]. The people drove in from the Temple area to pick them up. I hated to let go of so many girls and now I'm off balance again with two extra drakes for my 5 females. If I rehome two more (a boy and a girl pair only), then I can consolidate to one crate vs. two and that would make things much easier. Thanksgiving is the beginning of the big life event, so if anyone has been waiting and wants runners in the Austin Area, please let me know.
Most, including Arnold and Forest have found a new home. We are now 6, Lieutenant Dan and his group of girls (Blackie, Elana, Jenny, Coco, and Merry Quacksinbush). We have also moved to our new location, and things are going well with this little group, so we are going to hang on to these.

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