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    Apr 11, 2016
    Hello, I have 4 Indian runner ducks that are about a year old. A few months ago one of the ducks couldn't walk and I read on this forum that niacin and electrolytes should help. Well it helped and the duck, Jeb, was fine after a few days!

    Recently, another one of my ducks has had the same problem but it only seemed to happen when it was cold (30°) out. It's been 40+ degrees and she is doing it again. We gave her niacin and had her warm and dry in the coop for a day and seemed fine. Today she is walking very weird like she has to sprawl her legs out to get anywhere and then just stopped walking. A neighbor put her on my deck because he noticed she wasn't walking and she jumped off the deck [​IMG] Now her toenail on the back of her leg, that little hanging part of their foot, is broken off and is bleeding a little bit.

    I need any advice that anyone has. I'm so worried about my duck!!!!!!!! She's so helpless. Thank you so much
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    My first thoughts:

    She may not be cold hardy and is suffering from hypothermia. Get her into where it is 45 to 50F, with fresh water and food, and some poultry vitamins with electrolytes - see how she does.

    She may be egg bound - often, extended tub time - like, close to an hour - in a tub of lukewarm water, no soap, can help, and a boost of calcium either with half a Tums, or a crushed 150 mg calcium citrate tablet (I put the powder over moist thawed peas and they eat them) can help.

    She may have a spinal injury, in which case, rest, good nutrition, relatively warm temperatures, vitamin supplements and hydrotherapy could get her out of the woods.

    A good duck vet is best, but not everyone has access.

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    Apr 11, 2016
    Amiga- @amiga

    We just got her new food with more vitamins and also more electrolytes today. Gave her a bunch in a nice warm coop and will see how she feels tomorrow.

    If she is egg bound, would I be able to feel the egg by pressing around on her lower abdomen? I did that to see if I could feel an egg but it felt soft and completely normal.

    I'm hoping she perks up a little by morning. Thanks so much for the advice!
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