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    May 14, 2013
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    Mother2Hens - I agree with you completely. I don't agree with hunting for sport or trophy. Not at all. I would never have considered killing the coyote until it started coming right up to the house. I still didn't do it, but I admit I was relieved when someone else did something about it. Part of it was my fault because I didn't have adequate fencing for day time - just my front yard picket fence. I always put them up at night but before long that wasn't enough. I wasn't prepared. I was naive and thought as long as I put them up at night they would be out of danger, so my inexperience was definitely part of the problem. We are putting up better fencing this year in case it happens again. I like to let my girls free range, but first sign of trouble they will go in the fence. We still don't have guns and although I'm not against having one to protect your livestock, etc., now is not the time for us to start with little kids in the house. Not worth it.

    Darthlayer - thanks for the update on the hen! I've been wondering how she is doing!

    Welcome pginsber! :)

    Crafty Chick - I have a friend in Nashville with 40 or so layers? Anyway, her eggs are always fertilized. If you'd like to get in touch with her send me a PM and I will hook you up. She has all sorts of layer breeds. I got my adorable RIR frizzle cross and my silkie EE cross from her.
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    it must have won a blue ribbon somewhere. I have heard that a full grown heritage show bird can cost upwards of that, so maybe it is a fair price but not if it is $30 more than every one else is asking.
    let them stand out in the rain for 15 minutes :) no the bath recommendations were good.
    Maybe get more girls. But if he has enough girls then only time will help how he treats the hens or a meaner rooster maybe. As for people we used a hose on our roosters and it worked.
    What happened to grabbing an extra cleaned chicken and not telling the family any different :) Children can be persistint. I should know, mine talked me into getting a replacement rooster for our owl eaten one. And I will never think of owls or hawks as friendly fuzzy flying creatures ever again. Up close they look really really mean. Their eyes are something else.
    I need to check. Our Buster rooster broke his isolation last night. He just flew over my DH right out the garage door and marched over to the girls. He then started walking around the pen and crowing like he was king. DH let him into the pen and he has mated. I just have not used any of today's eggs to know yet.
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    [​IMG] and our thread! [​IMG]
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    We don't have a gun for the same reason.
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    Hi everyone,

    I thought I would throw this out again. I had a single chick hatch last week. I'm looking for a buddy for her. Does anyone have any new hatched chicks under two weeks old they would be willing to part with? I'm only looking for one or two.

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    We got our first actual egg today!! Not soft and in the nesting box. Not sure who did it. EE, Australorp, sl/wyandotte, standard cochin. Any guesses?

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    oh, thanks sally. i know you are closer than a lot of other indiana BYCers. what kind would thhey be, and how much would you want for a dozen or 2? might fill the incubator while i'm at it :)
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    I have an ameraucana/orpington mix as well as possibly a white silkie that are about a week old (as well as the male legbar chick). Of course im pretty far away though.
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    The above post was directed towards racin. Stupid phone didnt quote.
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    I'd have a few silkies if nobody is any closer.

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