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    May 14, 2013
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    are you on your phone or computer? I had to download the app Tapatalk to dl pics from my phone. I couldn't do it either.
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    Just caught my 2nd possum in a week !! Hate those buggers !![​IMG]
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    May 7, 2013
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    My son keeps asking me when his ducks will start to lay eggs. Is it around 8 months? I can't remember what I had read about it. If so, he has a lot of waiting to do yet since they're only 2 months old now.....unlike the quail which are popping eggs out like crazy. This has happened quite a few times now -- the kids go out to do their rabbit chores late afternoon. Chloe checks her quail for eggs, collects them, feeds & waters the quail guys in the bottom coop & when she looks back there's another egg in the girls coop all toasty warm from just being laid! I told her we should make deviled eggs from them & take them to our next potluck -- see how many people wonder what these tiny eggs are!
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    Yes, it shares a wall with the other coop and will have a chicken door between it and the other coop for them to access it. This is the general plan, if you can decipher my doodles. :lol: Basically, the yellow outlines are the near wall, the blue outlines are the middle wall, the red outlines are the far wall and shared wall. The red building on the right is the current coop. :) Naturally, the addition will be barn red, too. [​IMG]
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    Quote:I'm on my computer
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    Jun 1, 2013
    Well I just found out today one of my chicks that I hatched has scissor beak. I have another hen outside with scissor beak and when she was a chick and I noticed it and I emailed the person I got her from and the person said to use vionate. From what I read nothing can cure scissor beak and didn't try the vionate with the first hen because I read there's no cure. But now I'm kinda curious if it does work. Has anybody ever used vionate to cure scissor beak?
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    Dec 3, 2012
    I had an ameraucana chick with a cross beak not to long ago. I havent tried this, but I dont think anything can actually cure it. I just used dog nail trimmers to trim her beak down a few times a week. Some chickens will live long into adult hood with a cross beak and be just fine. Others wont make it that long and will starve. I realized mine was starting to get to the point where it wasnt being able to eat. They day I went out to cull her, she was dead.
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    So I spent my morning giving the australorp a bath. After laying that huge egg(pretty sure it was her) I went in the coop to find 2 smashed soft shell eggs in the nesting box where she had been laying last evening and apparently all night. She had egg yolk and whites all over her. She is acting fine. I just cant figure out how she layed that huge egg and then two soft ones at one the next day. Any ideas?
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    great job on the oppossoms LA Mom! oh, i hate them too, like giant stinky rats.
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    Thanks for the update. Of the three causes, it is definitely a young hen, as these would be her first two eggs. Could be underweight, although I've seen her eating, and the rooster makes sure to offer her and her pals all the choice bits he finds. I've seen no evidence of vent picking, I'll look for that tonight when everyone beds down and I can get close enough to check.

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