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    Report Bird and Animal Abuse ~ Please don't look the other way!

    The Indiana Thread can make a difference!
    If you witness birds/animals being neglected-- or even hear about a situation, like cock fighting or dog fighting, please report to authorities. If you attend Swap Meets and witness abused or neglected animals/birds, please try to find out name of vendor and report them, or at least report as much information as you can. If you see signs of animal/bird hoarding, chained animals or birds in crowded cages, animals without shelter and food, etc., please be an advocate for these helpless creatures.

    Help the Helpless:
    Call local law enforcement @ 911 (you can remain anonymous).
    In addition, please report to The Humane Society of the U.S.- Indiana.
    Here is info about reporting:


    Reporting Puppy Mills and Animal Fighting:
    Your information will be kept confidential.
    Puppy Mill phone tip line: 1-877-MILL-TIP.
    Animal Fighting phone tip line: 1-877-TIP-HSUS​

    For Facebook Lovers, keep informed of Indiana news:
    This section of their website may be of interest:

    The reports include info on chickens, turkeys, eggs, ducks, geese, pigs, cattle, etc.

    Take Action! There's also info on taking action on issues. For example:
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    Note to CCCCHICKENS ~ Glad to hear that you are showing at the Lebanon Poultry Show!
    I guess bradselig needs to add another category of people who show chickens. [​IMG]
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    haha no problem -- thanks :)
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    Will definitely be at the first two....Connorsville is a maybe. Would love to meet as many people as I can from here to place face with names as well as find out if anyone else has Delawares or would be interested in trying them when I get a rooster....

    Is it Old Salt that I send a PM to get on the list?

    I am on here almost everyday to see what all is going on and am always interested in other breeds and talking about general information!!!! Can't wait to get more birds in spring....I am right now getting pics so you can see my little stars!!!

    Connie (Delawaremommy)
    Gertrude (head of the flock)
    Nuggett (bad name for a good pullet)
    and little Petri (small but proud)
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    I have finally caught up (making it through 30 some pages of posts) with everything going on! Going to have to see if I can get off work for the Monroe Country Fair.

    Question: when a husband or dad yells NO MORE CHICKENS!! How serious are they really? I mean the man in question doesn't have to take care of them, they're just fertilizing his lawn and giving him delicious eggs.

    I think I have around 21 birds of different sizes, breeds...but, doesn't one always want more? When I see on Craigslist that just 30 miles away someone is wanting to get rid of several birds that are on my Most Wanted Breeds list and I think, well, I can go pick those up...No Problem!!

    Maybe if I slip them in the yard at night (like you would introducing new members) he wouldn't notice? If I just pretend that nothing happened? People drop birds off on the side of the road or drop them off at places they know have chickens already...

    A few more wouldn't hurt anything.

    Egg production is getting better; I think I have at least 5 chickens laying and 2 turkeys giving almost one every day. Speaking of turkey eggs...

    A double yolker!! Turkey eggs are a little hard to crack open. I actually had to take a knife to this one. And the yolks are like jello.

    Also, our Australian Shepherd dog had puppies on Thursday!! She pushed out 7 of the little sweethearts and then a few hours later an 8th came out stillborn and deformed. My dad was about to have a coronary...I thought we would have 4, 5 was okay, but 7!!! Oh Lord....
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    No, send it to BradSelig.

    I am famously unreliable and far too lazy to maintain anything more than balance. Lately, I'm having trouble with that.[​IMG]

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    Amw- you'll fit in just fine with this group!! We frequently discuss how to sleek in birds!!!
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    Just wanyed to post one more time, I post chicken, kid, garden, etc, pictures on instagram under MoleySteele if anyone REALLY likes to browse pictures (like I LOVE to do).
    Also, no eggs but my Buff Orp pullet has decided we are best buddies. That almost makes up for the tardy eggs...
    We've also started our count down to rooster dinner day. Going to start culling about 2 weeks from tomorrow. Beercan (BPR roo) has been giving me a wide berth when I walk the coop/run. I explained in detail what I was going to do with him the last time he tried to attack. You can't convince me chickens don't understand!!
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    Hello all, hoosier here, I havent had any chickens in a long time,but im looking forward to some fresh eggs as well as the entertainment.I myself have no intrust in showing, but you never know.I do have grandkids and if they want to then how can i say no. As i said im just getting started lucky for me a friend in construction is supplying me with the wood for the coop with scrap wood from jobs competed. Im not sure if i want to start this late in the year or next spring.I think im going to start out with 4 birds and see how it go's. Im not sure yet what breeds im going to start with and thats what brought me here.I have been looking over the site and think i can find any answers to things i may need to know.What time of year is the best time to start a new flock? If it matters at all.

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    Dec 3, 2012
    thank you

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