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8 Years
Apr 9, 2011
My duckling is 4 weeks old. 3 nights ago I saw what looked like a feather stuck to her eye I opened her eye wide and pulled out small feather it seemed to be stuck to her eyelid. Tonight it was back. there is a small bump inside her eyelid that it seems to be coming out of I pulled it out again. What is the matter with my little duck Should I keep taking it out? Now they are on both sides
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There is a condition known as inverted eyelids when the eyelid for whatever reason turns inward usually resulting in discomfort and irritation when the eyelashes rub up against the eye. Are the ducklings eyes goopy and sore looking? Does it look like that might be what's going on with it?
no goop or anything the photo is not very good

So are the feathers growing in/into the eye or are they just ending up there by bad luck? Do the lids look turned in at the edges?
You are definitely going to need to keep plucking those feathers out. They are going to cause problems in the future if you do not keep them plucked.

Good luck.
I have a pullet that seems to have the same issue. Every three days or so her I will look a little crusty and we soak it with a wet washcloth and I pull a small feather out. The feather seems to be attached to the inner corner of her eyelid.... is this something that your duck grew out of as it got older or was it a continuing problem?

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