Injured Chick to House Chick?

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May 5, 2017
I had a Rhode Island Red Chick that is now 10 weeks old (don't know if hen or roo yet). It got injured either while moving the portable coop or when other jumped on it. But it came up lame and stopped walking. I separated it from the rest and put it in a crate in the house. I carried it to the vet who said it had some nerve damage and gave it a steroid shot. It also had its toes all curled up so I started giving it vitamins. For about two weeks it wouldn't walk and during this time I put it in my lap and held bowls for food and water for it to eat. Then after two weeks it, it started walking again with a little bit of a limp. I was going to put it back with the others but I know you have to introduce them slowly. So I let it run around outside the portable pen that way they could see each other but not hurt it. I did that for a few days, and then let it in with the others. They didn't bother it too much, but I carried it back in as it wanted away from the others and chirped pitifully for a long time. The other chicks are twice as big as Chirps. Now it follows me around the house, sit on my shoulder, and fluffy my hair. It will go outside, but wants nothing to do with the other chicks. Now I am wondering if I am stuck with a house chicken or if I can eventually put it back outside. I really don't mind a house chicken but I'm worried about the poop problem.
If it is healed, put it back with it's chicken family.
It will stop whining if you leave it in there.
I have tried but since it is half the size of the others now, the peek it relentlessly. Plus they aren't allowing it near the food or water. I think I might have to get a special pen just for this one - at least until it gets bigger.
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