Injured chicken reintroduction

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    Apr 17, 2018
    Hello everyone!

    I have got a new flock of ten hens a few days ago. On day two, one of the hens started pecking the bottom of another. I thought it was to establish a pecking order but it went much further and when I checked on them a few hours later she had been pecked to the bone around her back end.

    I took her to the vets (she has antibiotics and pain relief) and is now segregated in a pen on her own. The offender has been removed from the flock and the others seem ok.

    She is desperate to join the flock and the wound has dried out so I tried to reintroduce her this morning (supervised her the whole time). Sadly, a few of the hens pecked at her back end (only gently and not in a bullying motion to draw blood) but she doesn’t run away so I was afraid they might just occasionally do this and then re open the wound.

    How can I stop this?! I’ve thought of making a cone bandage to protect her back end? Or does she have to be apart until feather regrow?!

    Thank you so much for your help, sorry for the very long post. I have pics of the injury if that helps but they are quite graphic so didn’t want to upload them.

    Sophie (stressed chicken keeper!)
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    Hi there, welcome to BYC! :frow

    Sorry your hen is having trouble. :hmm So cool you were able to seek veterinary care! For leaning purposes do you mind sharing the names and dosage of the antibiotic and pain reliever given?

    How old are these birds? How many birds in how much space? Current weather pattern? Is her segregation pen in their sight? What are you feeding including treats and supplements? Can you upload a picture of how the wound looks now? Are you in the US? Adding your general location to your profile can help peeps make the best suggestions possible at a glance.

    Sometime Blu-Kote can help hide a wound. But those birds have already discovered that tasty blood and know exactly where to get it. :barnie

    You might be able to get a bandage to work. In my experience, these type of things often result in someone tangled or consuming things they should not. Would a chicken diaper be an option? A bandage sounds better, that wouldn't trap droppings next to the wound... I'm just brain storming.


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