Injured duck


Oct 20, 2020
Yesterday, when I was checking one of my ducks for bumble foot. As I was about finished with my inspections, she suddenly flapped out of my hands, and landed awkwardly on the ground. Since then she hasn’t been walking very well, and seems quite lethargic. I can’t find anything obviously wrong with her. I’ve seen her stand without much trouble, but she still isn’t walking very well. Also, today I noticed some foam in her eye. I suspect this is unrelated, but any help would be appreciated.
More than likely she is hurting and hopefully some days with rest, water therapy some good poultry vitamins will take care of it. When I have a duck limping I add Liquid B Complex to their water just for an extra boost for the legs muscles.
You've looked her over real good for swelling, bruising, anything broken?
Try to keep her from overdoing for 2-3 days so she isn't having to keep up with the flock and rests. Make sure she has a bucket or deep bowl to clean her eyes and nares out and you can also add some ACV to her drinking water to help with foamy eye. 1 Tab per gallon of water.
I’ve looked her over thoroughly a few times and have found nothing significant. She is missing one of her nails, but I doubt that is enough to cause this sort of response. As of now, I’ve moved her inside in a small tub with food, a small bowl of crushed grapes, and a deep bucket of water.

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