Injured hen not drinking or eating on own


6 Years
Mar 28, 2013
Merrill WI
I came home Two days ago and found one of my chickens had been pecked in the head by two of our other hens. Head completely bloody and her eyes were swollen shut. I immediately separated her and put her under heat lamp. She ate a small amount that night. But then she stopped eating and drinking. I have been dripping electrolyte water on her beak but she only takes very small amounts at a time. This evening I got her to take a small amount of sour cream twice. That's the only thing I've been able to get her to take in. How long can she go on like this?.
we need to get her eating, If they are going to eat you can usually get them to eat canned cream corn, add a little sugar if needed.

if you don't have that, try mixing a little water or electrolyte water in her feed to soften it.

if the problem is just from fighting she should recover quickly.
Today she drink a little more, a little more sour cream, Took in a few pieces of chicken crumble. She did move over so she took a few steps today on her own.
that's great. sour cream should be great for digestive problems, and sometimes getting a bird to eat. keep in mind that to much dairy can cause the runs.
keep me updated.
We changed over to greek yogert for more protein for a few days and kept up with hand feeding until last thir and she finally started eating on her own again. Yeah! We are on the road to recovery !

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