Injured rooster, nearly recovered BUT shrunken wattles??? Caution gory photos!

Scots in France

Jan 30, 2021
Gaujan, Gers, France
Hiya Lovely People, I would really appreciate some advice on how to help our rooster Yang 💛 🐓 recover fully!

Bit of a long story, but I want to give you the history of where we're now at...

About a month ago, Yang was attacked by a pine marten, he escaped twice, but with some pretty horrific injuries - large bite on his back between his wings, missing a 2" round of skin; another bite to the next, front and back puncture wounds and a large blood blister under his right wattle.

We bathed his injuries and bandaged the wound on his back. This treatment was repeated for several days while we waited to go into town to speak to the vet.

The vet was most impressed that we had managed to put on bandages! 😁
They gave us Vetidine to wash the wound with, we did that once as the wound was already very clean and dry / not weeping.
They also gave us Chlortetracycline (blue antiseptic spray / coating for livestock injuries). We have used this every couple of days on the big wound on Yang's back, hence the attractive blue tint to his feathers...

Yang has been kept in a dog travel crate, with a deep layer of sawdust, the travelcrate has mesh windows, so no flies have been able to get near him!

Yang has been fed mostly soaked grains - ground to begin with and now his usual barnyard grain mix. He's also been having salad scraps, scrambled egg and soaked bread to eat.
Water always available.

Yang's injuries are pretty well healed now and we're getting ready to put him back in the coop with the other birds - 9 hens, another rooster and 4 teenage roosters - so we'll put Yang in a cage in the coop and see how everyone acts...

The one thing that is really odd is how much his wattles have shrunk?!?
If there is anything specific that we can do to help him recover fully?

The only other minor issue is his beak has developed quite an overbite.

He has still got a voice, though he has not crowed since the injury!

I have attached photos of Yang 💛 🐓 before the attack, the wounds sustained (pretty gory!) and some photos I took this evening of his face, comb and wattles.

Thank you for your input!
🙏🏽 💜 🙏🏽 💜 🙏🏽
🌸 ✨ 💙 ✨ 🌸


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