Intestinal lining droppings


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Jun 16, 2018
Hello all,
I had a quick question regarding intestinal lining poops. I know they themselves are not a huge call for concern, however one of my ladies left a massive pile of intestinal lining in a dropping yesterday, which was somewhat startling in itself, but then there was smaller intestine filled dropping today.

I put on a pair of gloves to pull them apart and insure there wasn't any blood in them, and I haven't seen any other abnormal droppings. There are also no other signs of illness in my flock. My ladies are happy, alert and eating and drinking. The hens in that enclosure are between 16-20 weeks old and are not laying yet.

I'm just wondering if I should be concerned about the quantity of lining I am finding, and the fact that it happened more than once. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

(Also I can post some pictures of the droppings if anyone needs to see them, I just didn't want to start by posting pictures of poop)

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