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Bako man

Sep 24, 2019
Bakersfield, CA
I started raising chickens and ducks many years ago, kids would go to the feed store and make me buy all kind of birds. Now kids are gone and I'm left with Road island red rooster, Barred Rock, Brahma, and other hens, Rouen and Pekin ducks are also in the backyard.
A barred rock chicken was dead this morning; a neck injury. Last month 2 of my neighbor's young rosters were dead on my side of the fence with same injuries. Any one knows if chickens would go for the neck when they fight?
Thx, please to meet you.
Yah, I'll ask, however I would think a predator would attempt to eat the chicken. I had broken eggs in the coop so I moved my Security Cam inside and a Blue Jay was caught Yellow handed. I will try to upload the picture one day once I learn how to navigate this site. By the way your goose looks elegant, I wish my ducks would have a clear water for a couple of minutes so I could take such a quality picture.

Water fowl owners understand dirty water. :lol:
Broken necks are likely from a dog.

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