Introduced new hen to she's not laying. Ideas?


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Aug 18, 2009
Hi knowledgeable friend!

I got a beautiful Wheaten Ameraucana hen.

I brought her home and put her in with my other 7 chickens.

They harassed her a little but but nothing violent and it subsided after just a few days.

The day I brought her home: one beautiful large blue egg.

The next day: a small, half-size egg.

Since then (a month ago): nothing.

She is eating, drinking, moving about. Nothing seems to be wrong with her like being egg bound. No signs of molting.

Anyone experienced a hen being taken out of her familiar surroundings and stop laying? How long should I expect before she starts laying again?


Stress can cause them not to lay, although if adjusted now a month seems kind of long. Is there enough light? She may just be taking a break.
A month long break is on the long side, but not unheard of. Give her a good going over to rule out any health issues and then give the coop/run area a good going over to rule out any hidden egg issues.
How old is she?

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