is my meatys skin ok?


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May 2, 2011
Ok i dont know how to post pics
but im curious my cornish cross'
skin is kind of blotchy yellowish
and all of your pics they are nice and white
could it be a water temp thing?
aslo does the water induce rigormortice faster?
and I should keep in fridge for a day before eating it
for the meat to get tender again?
It is sometimes blotchy right after scalding and plucking. Normal. Soak the bird for an hour or so in a cold icewater bath and that will go away.

Rigor is a death process when the chemicals supplied to the muscles stop circulating. Temp can slow or speed it up. Very good observation.

Let the bird rest for a day or two. Then cook and serve.
Welcome to the forum from one mostly newbie to another!
Glad to hear someone else had the same issue! I thought it was because I left it in the water too long or because it took me FOREVER to make sure I processed the whole thing correctly! We just had our first one for dinner last night--what a proud feeling to put food on the table for your family!! Keep up the good work!
chickens, pork, etc., don't age the way beef does. however, it is a good idea to let it sit in your fridge for a day or two to "cool down"

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