Is she too old to lay???


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9 Years
Sep 12, 2010
My 9 yr old bought some really nice Rose Comb Rhode Island Reds last fall. They were older but they thought maybe 2 years, but not certain. She wanted them as breeding stock as the roo has had his toes froze off. Well, we have not gotten one egg from the hen, not one, since we got her in September. What can I do to stimulate production just so we can get some to put into the incubator? Ideas?
She's a Rose Comb Rhode Island Red. Absolutely georgeous and as close to black as a Red can get.
With the lack of laying I'm guessing she may be older. We have a bunch of production rir's and they are older, some 2, some going on 3 and they still lay like crazy. I'll try some more oyster shells. I wonder if I put some of the white layers in with her if that would maybe help. (white ones because I want to know which eggs to incubate and which to eat)
Ya, some of my hens are almost 2 and they lay regular. And good idea. Lol
What are you feeding? I have four yr olds that still lay, they are different breeds though, I mix Layena, With purina game bird chow, to give more protein. How many hrs of light do you get a day? Might try to increase light. If all else fails, threaten her that if she doesn't start laying, you will make her into soup, My grandpa does this to our chickens, and they lay like crazy, He Insists that this works!
She gets 16% layer mix with corn. We are in Nebraska, so its been plenty dark and our coop doesn't let too much light in, but I've got them on lights, though her little corner of the world is definately not as light as the community pen. Maybe I'll try adding another light in her pen.

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