Is the tipped wing normal?


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Apr 24, 2014
I am worried she is a he. Any pointers from a simple pic?
I'm curious about this too as I have a WCBP, from what I've read it's mostly their crest that tells wether they are boys or girls. But if their crest is slicked back looking then it's most likely a roo, if it has a pouffy mushroom shaped crest it's most likely a pullet. :)

And I hate to say but yours looks a lil slicked may have a roo. But I'm not an expert or anything lol!

Here is what mine looks like I'm fairly sure mine is a girl..but again I could be wrong!

Ok I'll wait and see. I have no roosters currently because I'm not really ready for hatching eggs and all that. I appreciate your responses. I'll post again about it when I know more.
With polish it can be really tough to determine gender. You'll probably find yourself going back and forth with it. A mohawk crest usually means male, and a round afro is a female. But again, with polish, sometimes the crest isn't always accurate. My GLP had developed a Mohawk at around 4 weeks and crowed at 8 and a half weeks.
I've researched and asked everyone I know. No one can tell me. I'm impatient and the suspense is killing me (figurative speech). Come on little baby...GROW!!!

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