Is there any way to force a broody?


11 Years
Jul 16, 2008
South Carolina
Last Wednesday I lost my top roo, a winning show quality Ameraucana, to roaming husky that is no longer a threat. I REALLY want to hatch a few of his offspring but no one seems to be broody at this time. I do have 3 silkies that are very often broody, is there any way to nudge one of them in that direction? I don't have an incubator and would really prefer to go the natural way with a hen anyways.
Can you borrow in incubator for someone or the county extension office and incubate until someone goes broody? There might ne someone near you that would incubate them for you. No, there really isn't any way to force broodiness.
I have 2 silkies that have been hovering at almost broody so I really just wandered if I could tip them to all the way there. It looks like one may be ready, she sat to lay and I just slipped the 4 under her. She bit me several times and hissed a bunch and then spread out and snuggled down, has been that way for about 2 hours now. She just stood up layed her egg and then turned all the others and tucked them back in.

cross fingers and pray for Fancypants jack junior, really want a roo out of this.
I do not have Silkies but that is what a read works

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