Is this a chicken mating squat? Does my hen want to mate with me? If not what is this, she will squat and stamp her feet


Jun 16, 2021
Yes, it's a submissive posture for mating, but I have read that it is also a self defense type of posture. By that, I mean, the hen will squat down on the ground and spread her wings for balance so the bigger, heavier, rooster when he mounts her does not break her legs if she was standing up.

When a hen is threatened from someone above her, her natural defense is to assume that mating posture to prevent her legs from possibly getting broke. She has no desire to mate with you.

BTW, a young teenage pullet will just normally run away from you. :wee

When they mature to egg laying age, they start to show this mating/submissive posture. That makes it much easier to catch a mature hen then a young pullet.
As others noted she's submitting to you. If you want to encourage it, give her a good firm rub on the back just in front of the tail. If you'd rather she not do it, just ignore her and that may lessen her desire to squat in front of you.

As I'm an encourager, I get chickens running after me/in front of me, squawking, until I give them some attention.

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