Is this a ROOSTER? *PICS*


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Is this a Rooster? This is my 12w EE. I've already had 2 other Rooster in my flock of 5-order of EE females. This mostly white bird is bigger than the rest and is starting to get a red comb and pointy tail feathers. Could it be that she is just slightly more mature with already starting to grow a red comb?

Geeze, I think mypetchicken screwed up my order.


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Looks it . From what i can see those hackle feathers seem pionty. Im far from an exprert though. Ahh the beautiful sound of a crow in the morning...Unbeatable.
That is a rooster for sure the hackles coming in are pointy and it just looks like a roo to me, my ee bantams never got that red in the face even when they started laying.
I wouldn't give up yet, my EE pullet had a couple of long tail feathers that had me really worried when she was young (she is definitely a she, I'm getting green eggs now). She finally lost those things and started looking more girly. However, I don't remember her comb being that red at that age.
I'd wait it out and see if it starts crowing. Really pretty bird, whatever the sex.
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I have one I thought was a hen until she started growing the feathers she is 4 or 5 months old now and is just starting to crow. but there are two more roosters crowing around him.


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