Is this bad parenting?


8 Years
Mar 20, 2011
Northeast KY
Me and my ex have been divorced for 2 years now. They were in a pet store today and my 5 year old son told her he wanted some of those aquatic crabs u put in your aquarium but dad says I have to wait til I get a girlfriend. So she called me angry about this and sd that was bad parenting. I have been telling him this for over 2 years now everytime he ask for crabs and he has never questioned it. Im a liitle random somtimes and guess I have never really gave it any thought. It prob didnt help either that her new boyfried was with them and found it hillarious
Ask her if she wants him telling people that his mother gave him crabs. Better yet, tell her you changed your mind, you were wrong, and she is welcome to buy him some. I find it hillarious too!

But my boys grew up twisted.
It would have been something I would have said.. I also have a 14YO boy...... Better he learns before he finds out first hand.... I pretty much say what I think when it comes to my boy........ AND I'm divorced.... raised him on my own... Don't even want to go to what his father would have told him by now.... wait... no.... I have pretty much told him everything... LOL

I would not say its bad parenting. Bad parenting actually has an effect of the child. Unless you explained the comment to him then honestly he will forget about it. No harm, no foul. I am sure you thought it was funny and since he could not understand it you figured there was no harm. However, you gotta watch what you say when you are dealing with split parents. The least little thing is a cause for drama and honestly do you really want this to be something used against you when it comes to your parental rights? Probably not. I would chalk it up to something you probably should have kept in your head to chuckle over and just give him a straight up, when your older or never. Whichever.
Lol no I have never explained it to him. He is only 5. Like I sd he dont question it. Just accepts it and dont even ask why. I told the ex she was just being dramatic and I wont say it again. Really did not think it was a big deal at all. She sd he may not ask me why but worries he might ask his kindergarten teacher. His teacher is an old friend of mine and I know if he did she would probaly just laugh and say she doesnt know and then bring it up next time I see her.

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