Is this stool normal?


May 13, 2015

I was wondering if anyone can tell me if this poop is normal. Today my hen started acting off. This is what her stool looks like and her feathers are puffed I her back and she keeps like clenching her hind end. I checked to see if she was egg bound and she's not.
How old is your hen, and does she normally lay eggs often? Has she even layed soft eggs, or had any break inside? Is she eating and drinking well? I'm not an expert on droppings, but to me it could be droppings from an internal layer, or one possibly with coccidiosis or worms.
She is 26 weeks old. Until yesterday late afternoon she had been fine. She has been eating and drinking. I checked her to see if she was egg bound. I'm not sure if she is laying or not. I have 9 hens and have been getting 6-7 eggs a day.
The color looks a lot like mine do when they have a bacterial infection. Can you post a picture of your hen?


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