ISO goose eggs--Maine


Feb 15, 2017
Wilton, Maine
Hi all! I'm looking for a few goose eggs in Maine. Preferably from a breed known for being more on the friendly/quiet side. I'm in Wilton and can drive a ways, but would be willing to have eggs shipped if they were a good balance of desirable and well priced.
Hi! I'm in VT and have tufted roman eggs. Tufted Romans are a small, friendly breed and are on the quiet side, so they seem to fit the parameters of what you're looking for. If you're interested you could pick some up or if that's too much of a drive I do ship.
Check out good ole craigslist also.There are a few on there.Wow are prices going crazy on geese?When I was a teenager I couldn't get 15.00 for a white china goose that was almost full grown.
In N.H.,Tony.
Well, no geese are going to 'put up a fight' against a predator and defend your ducks until you get out there. If a dog gets in the geese are going to be panicking and running away just as much as the ducks are, so if you're hoping for something to fight off predators then a livestock guardian dog is a better choice.

For something that will raise the alarm, then a pair of geese might be okay. However in a nighttime situation, when faced with a predator they might just remain silent, trying not to draw attention to themselves. So that might not work the way you want either. Mine alert at night when they see me, but then again they know I'm not a predator.

But, if you're okay with both those things and want to go forward, then Tufted Romans might work. They are the smallest of the domestic breeds; I even have a pair living with my Call ducks. They are great watch birds, and in fact they are the breed that saved Rome by alerting when the Gauls tried to invade, so they have a long history of sounding the alarm :)

Other good starter breeds would be Americans or maybe Sebastopols, both of which are also docile breeds and are good for beginners.
Cheers! Ironically had an alternate solution fall into my lap after posting my question, but your excellent input is appreciated nonetheless!

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