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But, apperently I didn't see it there.........Be prepared for a story

Ok, so I lost my USPS driving job last spring and went to work for this "horse farm"(and I'm using the term loosely). Dh and I both worked for the place all summer long getting it in working order. By the end of fall the owners had offered us a management type possition with housing and board for our horses. being that we weren't making a ton of money and could no longer afford our rental, we took the contract(yup, signed papers and everything) to work for one year managing the property.

Less than 24 hours after we signed the contract and moved onto the farm, they violated it. After a month of being run over and everything NOT going according to the contract I had had enough. I put in my notice - 2 weeks and started looking for another job. Dh was still working for the place because we lived on site and had to CYA for ourselves and our animals.

So, I found ajob - decent pay and nice folks to work for but it was a 2 hour drive away. Dh said take it we will move. So I did and spent the last two months looking for housing for us and horses with no luck. In the mean time DH's former boss asked him to come back and help him with the business. Great! Except for the fact the former boss is in another state. So Dh says he has to go help and I said ok cause's it's the right thing to do(there's A LOT of extenuating circumstances there! Story for another day).

So Mid febuary, Dh is planning on going south and has told boss/landlord he had til mid march to replace him. I'm still struggling to find a place to move the horses where I am working. No good. Boss/landlord comes to Dh and begs him to ask me to come back to work at farm. They are desperate he says, can't find anyone to work he trusts, etc, etc.

So I come back for a weekend visit and we talk about it and I agree based on our previous terms of pay and housing and what not. Boss/landlord says, and I quote, "Why don't you just stay. You don't have to go back there(current job)" I told him I could not leave them like that and I would give my two weeks notice.

I did give my two weeks notice. following weekend(last weekend) I come back for a visit and check on my horses. Boss/landlord again talks to me about how he has no help, stalls aren't getting done, horses aren't being cared for, etc. I tell him I will be back on thursday(3/4) He says good. He's glad, then he won't have to be there cause he knows things will get done.

So now we are on thursday, I pack up everything, get my final check, say good bye to the nice folks at the job and head back to the old job/house. I go in friday(3/5), YESTERDAY, and I get told "I don't have any real work for you. I just hired a new guy and I have the other two people still, so I don't have anything for you to do." what!!!!!!!!!!

The only reason I agreed to come back was because I couldn't find a place to move the girls. Since I would be working for him, I could continue to exchange work for board. Now I got no job??? I still have to pay board and I have NO JOB!!!!!!

Honestly, I don't think I could be any dumber if someone cut my head off. How could I have even for a second believed a word out of this jerk's face? I KNEW better. What is wrong with me??????

I quit my job for this $%#@^**(&**%$. Two weeks in a row he tells me how bad it is how he's desperate for my help and then when I show up he has no job???? I am a complete moron. I have no job no money(save my last pay check) and I seriously don't know what I'm supposed to do.
Quickly call the job you just quit and tell them you want to come back to work.
I could probably go back to work at the other place, but the problem still remains of what to do with theh girls. If I could sell the horses, they would have been sold. That's the crux of the problem. I have been looking for litterally months with no luck in finding housing for myself, my horses not to mention my dog of 9 years, two cats and my chickens. I have sold off everything I could manage to, but I have yet to find housing. At the other job I was living on the farm in a 20' travel trailer. That was only a "temp" arrangement til I found something else.

Yeah, I could just continue to pay board here and work 2 hours away. HOWEVER, I was told that the boss/landlord would not under any circumstances be available when my two mares foaled. Yeah, see, two of my three horses are in foal and due in the next 30 days. The proverbial plot thickens! So I'm paying for board adn two hours away, and he won't even call a vet if there is a problem cause he won't even step outside his apartment to check on them if they begin to foal.

I am screwed, screwed, screwed!

I have started contacting jobs, but still, ishould have seen this coming. I should have known he would be this dirty and back stabbing. Hell, he sold me a horse illegally - how could I have thought he was being honest this time. Man, I AM DUMB!
Oh, and the other job, they have hired someone to replace me. I would have to wait to see if that person worked out or not. It may take a couple weeks. Mean while I am racking up board fees and having to eat and stuff........

Robin'sBrood - that's about it in a nutshell.
I just want to shoot some of those types of horse people.....

I give riding lessons to help offset costs of the horse. I had about 5 riding students at one point. Everything going good, enjoying lessons, etc...

Lost one student due to me being pregnant (now the parents won't talk to me on the internet). Lost another student to football 7 days a week (uh, okay...). Lost another student for some unknown reason.... So right now I only have 3 paying students and one working student. I don't even charge that much like other riding facilities around here do.....

I am now having to sell my horse because I can't afford to keep him.

Hoping things get better
Sorry you have to sell your horse. I'm trying desperately not to sell our girls. But even if I ahd to, what would I get in this market? Not what they are worth, not even half of what they are worth when there are people giving away horses every day. A lady I know just told me yesterday she rescued a mare from the kill pen who was a $200,000 stakes winner! $200,000 and they sent the horse off to slaughter?!?

What would I get for my girls? One is a 10 year old maiden mare recovering from "bad feet" who only won $25,000 or so. One is a 7 year old mare who won $46,000 plus but was pulled after breaking her knee in foal to a horse who never raced (I didn't chose that breeding) and the last one is a 21 year old mare who barely won $11,000 at the track. She's at least in foal to a stallion who won over $800,000. But she's 21! Heck, right now, I'd be lucky to find someone to give them to and even then you can't be sure they won't sell them for a couple hundred bucks and ship them to Canada or Mexico for slaughter.

The market is gonna turn around, it always does, but right now it's a bad time to be a horse. I can't do that to these girls.
Tell him you are taking him to court for breech of contract. Put into writing what you put on here, leaving out the personal stuff, show it to him and tell him you have decided he was "getting even" with you for when you left the job there, he asked you to return, you agreed and came back and he suddenly had hired someone to do the job he gave you. You are not without recourse here, don't just turn tail and give up. And no, it doesn't all have to be in writing.

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